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Do you dream of learning massage?  Are you passionate about France?

Come learn massage in Europe, in France! 
You will fulfill both dreams at once and discover the French touch.

If you are about to learn massage, I will not only teach you how to do it, but you will also learn to speak a few words in French.

You know what French kiss and French Manicure are.

Do you know what the French Touch is?

The "French touch" that has made it world famous is grounded in its terroir.

Like any French woman, I do love to invest in facials, beauty and body products more than any other woman in the world.

We believe that taking care of our skin and body is an invaluable luxury. 

Did you know that France is the country of cosmetics?

Did you know that in the bathrooms of French women, you will find a wide variety of beauty products?

With many prestigious firms, many envy us abroad. And some international stars swear by 100% French beauty products! 

The French touch in health spa resorts

When Chinese, Japanese people or other guests come to Europe in France, they go to the Guerlain, Dior, Givenchy, Clarins, etc. institutes!

Sure!  We have the best trademarks! But although they are typically French, they are not spa brands, although you will find them in the most luxurious spas. They can go there if they want, but they find the same products at home too!

This is not the French Touch spa! That's part of the problem! 

The real French Touch spa is the creation of the French soil, the French soil spa and we have some real examples that the whole world would love to have!

In France, the concept of French touch is made up of:

Come to France for a unique adventure in our health spa resorts.

  1. French massage
  2. Vinotherapy
  3. Thalassotherapy
  4. High mountain healthcare
  5. Products from Provence
vineyards on the wine route alsace franceThe vineyards on the wine route in Mittelgerheim Alsace, France

What I will show you in these pages?

It's the result of more than thirty years of practice of what fascinates us the most (I say "us" because I share all this with my spouse):

  1. wellness massages in France
  2. spa massages in France
  3. health spa resorts in France
  4. French massage products
  5. our beautiful country of France

In many cultures, choose to learn massage as an inherent component of public education.

Massage is an active part of society. Whether therapeutic or relaxing, it is practiced in beauty salons, fitness clubs and within families. It is passed down from generation to generation, as is traditional, and has survived through the ages.

I know this can be boring for some of you, but I am also passionate about history. I need to understand where things come from.

Some of my students who learn massage with me get bored when I start talking about the history of massage. As a massage teacher, I think it is very important to have an understanding of the origins of massage.

Massage is multi-millenary, like Ayurveda whose origins go back more than 6000 years! But it was the Greeks who made it possible for massage to develop in Europe 2000 years ago.

The term massage was introduced in the French language during the 19th century and is derived from the Greek word "Massein".

My desire: To have as many people as possible have this same awareness and learn massage to improve their lives and yours as well!

Massage seems to have been known in antiquity as a medicine, a tool for "living better in everyday life" and an essential component of human relations and their development.

As I have written in other articles, in addition to my daily work as a massage therapy teacher, it is also what led me to write this site and to invite you to discover the French touch.

You will find below a non-exhaustive temporal presentation of the history of massage:

  1. 6000 years ago: Ayurvedic massage in India.
  2. 5000 years ago: reflexology massage in China.
  3. 4000 years ago: Shiatsu massage therapy in Japan.
  4. 2000 years ago: Thai Massage.
  5. 1300 years ago: The Amma massage in Japan.
  6. 1000 years ago: Lomi-lomi in Hawaii.
  7. 200 years ago the Swedish massage, first in Europe.

Since its introduction in Western countries, it has continued to develop, demonstrating its effectiveness in the field of "better living", and has adopted several approaches, sometimes surprising.

At the very beginning of the 20th century, Freud (you know the "spy") used it as a complement to his treatments to calm his patients.

The Swedish massage was then transformed into a gentle and sensual wrapping routine, which was later called Californian massage.

In 1980, prenatal massage seemed to relieve the pain of pregnancy.

In 1983, an ergonomic massage chair was created for the Amma massage so that it could be provided in the workplace (started in Silicon Valley).

Then other additional protocols were added to this list over time........... 

Ouf! Like we would say it in French. 

I tried to be short. Very, very short! :))

Have you heard of French massage before ?

I bet if you would ask French people what a French massage is, nobody would be able to answer the right way to your answer. Like in California, where I've lived during 4 years (from 1990 to 1994), nobody knew what a californian massage is, except French people! That's weird, isn't it?

French massage was first introduced in the 20th century.

At that time, massage was considered a means of cultural expression. It was more in harmony with each person's national identity to draw from their history, rather than go to other continents to discover what is on their own soil.

French massage has fulfilled a desire for body globalism, and still does.

It is a so-called global massage, without therapeutic intent, inspired by the spirit of freedom, equality and fraternity of France and its 1789 Revolution.

The purpose is to treat each part of the body according to the same principle of equity as for citizens.

In the very essence of this massage, for example, the session can be stopped or extended at any time, depending on the idea that this return to the roots belongs to the person being massaged.

What nourishes your desire to learn massage?

In our Western culture, massage is very often associated with Asian cultures where it is generally practiced mainly in the family sphere.

These practices are gradually beginning to become more popular at home, and massage enthusiasts need to communicate these good feelings to those around them and to those who want to learn massage. Is this also your case? 

You will start awkwardly at first, then through experience, you will develop a certain confidence in the contact.

The day will come when you will want to organize your practice through a complete massage training.

How choosing to learn massage can bring you well-being?

Learn massage massage helps to:

  1. develop your sense of touch
  2. allows, when practiced wisely, to exercise empathy

Indeed, the practitioner must be careful, during the entire session, to the reactions of the person being massaged as well as to what he feels under his hands: knots, roughnesses....

It's a conversation that starts with the body. It is an interaction where the practitioner must forget himself completely in order to perform as well as he can, for the benefit of the person who is receiving the massage.

Regular massage provides 

  1. better coordination of motions
  2. better control of strength
  3. a real re-learning of touch

Massage brings true additional benefit in the interaction with others. This ability to do well enhances the perception that others around you have of you and, as a result, nourishes your ego. Your confidence and quality of life are increasing, and your self-esteem is improving.

Finally, comes the tactile pleasure of touching the skin. Even if in a professional context this element does not take into consideration, in the intimate sphere it has its full meaning and can contribute to doing and enriching you and your relationship.

What do you bring to the person you massage?

  1. Relaxation
  2. Comfort
  3. A sense of security
  4. Many physical, physiological and psychological benefits

I will not go into the details of the benefits of massage on the body (I have already devoted lots of articles on this topic) but once the good gestures mastered, some muscular and emotional tensions can be resolved, the stress decreased as well as anxiety.

The massage will promote both a restful sleep, a preparation for a big day ...

Can anyone learn massage?

Obviously yes, everyone can massage. That being said, as in all disciplines, some people will find it easier than others to excel in the field.

Empathy, psychology, anticipation, the coordination of the body, the sense of the right touch, all elements for which we do not have all the predispositions.

But everything is working, and massage helps to develop all these skills.

Can anyone be massaged?

It is a delicate question because even if it seems to exist a massage for each case, there remain certain pathologies, certain states (a pregnancy for example) where the greatest caution must be put. Massage can even be proscribed in some cases. (Again I'll come back to it in a future article to deepen the subject a little)

These few cases put aside, not only massage is possible but it is even recommended! Its soothing virtues will be appreciated at any time of the day, to comfort, relieve, relax or be a precious tool of support and accompaniment during a difficult period.

As you may have read, massage is really a positive factor that can have a very important impact in your life. From your inner well-being to the one you pass on, you can become a real source of happiness that will feed your little world.

One can obviously live without, but why deprive oneself of a tool so useful, pleasant and easy to learn?

Beautiful life to all and a nice trip to all those who will come learn massage in France!

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