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A day spa massage therapy in France

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Spend a day spa massage therapy in France is possible and I would say that we highly recommend it!

  • How is this type of day going?
  • What to do during these hours?

We go through all of these points just below.

a day spa massage therapy

Going to a spa should be synonymous with letting go and time just for oneself.

Indeed, it would be a little frustrating to go to such an environment, only to spend an hour and then have to return to the hubbub of the city.

Especially if you come to Paris. It is a city full of resources and that is also true regarding spa offers.

Who can benefit from a spa day massage therapy?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no typical profile for people who go or want to spend a day spa massage therapy in France.

It's very simple, everyone can make this little pleasure from the moment he feels like it.

Women and men are welcome, whether solo or duo.

Because of course you can organize this day to share it with someone who counts for you.

Come with your husband or wife, your best friend, your dad or your mum, your brother or your sister ... all the combinations are possible and everyone appreciates to be in an environment of luxury and well-being.

Because, this is the type of environment so you can enjoy throughout this day.

What to do during your day spa massage therapy?

The program of your day in a health spa in France depends a lot on the facilities provided by the spa in which you will go.

Even if the services are often more or less similar, it is important to find out from the spa that you have chosen if it offers a pool, a steam room or any other activity that you want for this day.

You will arrive at the spa from 10:00. You will be welcomed by hostesses who will explain the operation of the place and the various options available to you.

Access to the spa for the whole day is included in your package or in the price of your journey in the hotel.

This means that you can freely move between the pool, the hot tub, the steam room or the sauna. Showers allow you to cool off between two hot shots :)

To go from one activity to another, everything you need is provided, bathrobe, slippers and bath towel.

However, beyond these benefits in "self-service" your package will generally include one (or more) benefits of well-being.

It must be said that once your skin is well prepared following a passage in the hammam for example, a scrub and a massage will be the perfect benefits for hydration of your skin and overall relaxation of your body.

Facials are also available and allow you to come out of the spa with plump skin looking younger and more dynamic.

Once you are finished, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the environment for long hours.

You will surely want to give you a drink break, that's good, because these spaces often offer free access to a relaxation area and herbal tea.

It will be an opportunity for you to taste infusions and concoctions that have a draining, detoxifying or soothing effect. You will be able to choose them according to your tastes (and your needs) and thus to do you well inside.

You are free to leave the spa whenever you want, once you have fully enjoyed your day.

Spending a few hours in a spa is a good first step.

But if you want to reach the ultimate level of well-being and relaxation then you will need to spend more than one or two hours.

The solution ? Spend an entire day in the spa to take full advantage of the facilities available to you.

So of course, the idea is not to race and chain the hammam, the sauna, the jacuzzi, the pool ... no.

The goal is to have the choice and to be able to take the time to enjoy each of these moments that will make this day a memorable one.

All you have to do is enjoy it to the fullest :)

The spa according to your desires

Indeed if you want to go to a spa to spend long hours by the pool, the first thing to do is to make sure that the spa in question has a pool!

All these wellness centers do not have the same facilities or offer exactly the same types of services.

Check with the center you have identified and ask them if they have a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a steam room or a sauna that is functional and which you can access during your visit.

It is the same for benefits of well-being or beauty.

Some, such as waxing or the most common type of massage (French, Swedish ...), are fairly standard and are normally available everywhere.

But let's take the example of Thai massage. This is a particular technique that requires specific learning that is not done in massage therapy schools.

If you are a fan of this type of massage, make sure to identify a spa that offers it.

Receive a day spa massage therapy

The basics of spas rely on the use of water to care for the body of the person.

Over the years, the services and care offered in these establishments have evolved considerably to meet the expectations and desires of an ever more demanding clientele.

It is now perfectly normal to receive a massage for an hour or two when you go to a spa.

Once again, it is possible to find spa offers on the Internet and thus achieve a high degree of relaxation and wellbeing through the proposed massages.

On your side are you rather French / Californian / Swedish massage? Thai? Chinese? Or just a foot massage or a head massage :)

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