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Learn to give an abdominal massage


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Abdominal massage removes stress, relaxes the body, strengthens the digestive system and tones the abdominal muscles. It relaxes the muscles of the abdomen and relieves fatigue.

By decongesting the digestive organs and evacuating toxins, it facilitates digestion and thus remedies constipation, flatulence and bloating.

In addition, it improves the gastric system, regenerates the abdominal muscles and relieves stress and tension in the solar plexus. The massage of this part of the body does not only have a localized effect, but also benefits many organs and different parts of the body.

How to give an abdominal massage?

abdominal massage

Abdominal massage requires skills of a certain technique or at least of certain movements. Respecting the basic gestures is important for the massage of this part of the body to protect the vital organs.

It is important to massage gently, but firmly, with the fingers as for an exploration phase, then to perform circular movements in a clockwise direction with the palms of the hands; the skin at the level of the bladder should then only be touched.

Then, it is possible to practice circular movements in small areas, but this time with the fingers.

The massage begins under the rib cage and follows a downward movement to finish at the waist. It is then necessary to bring the hands under the size to find again gently their starting position.

In addition, an abdominal massage must be performed at least two hours after the meal. It is also advisable to empty the bladder first. Abdominal massage contributes to the oxygenation of the organs and to the fluidity of the circulation and the breathing.

To do this, certain points deserve more attention: for example, thoracic compression offers better regulation.

The stimulation of the nerve endings also provides an undeniable benefit on the functioning of the nervous system.

However, the location of these points often requires the intervention of a specialist in order to avoid a bad manipulation likely to harm vital organs.

Finally, abdominal massage is prohibited in some cases, as for:

  1. women with an IUD or menstrual period
  2. pregnant women who, in a pinch, should be cared for by a specialist
  3. patients with a stomach ulcer or intestines
  4. patients with any inflammation (bladder, uterus, gall bladder or ovaries).

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