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Alternative cancer cure in France

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You are looking for an alternative cancer cure?

Spa treatments offer a new therapeutic approach to deal with the consequences of ontological treatments and help people in total remission to:

  1. recover
  2. re-appropriate their bodies
  3. improve their physical, moral and social well-being
alternative cancer cure

Choose the best alternative cancer cure in France

Alternative cancer cure at La Roche Posay

Do you have overcome the disease?

Do you need to breathe and enjoy yourself after your struggle?

La Roche Posay spa, specialising in skin diseases, has designed a three-week cure to treat the consequences of cancer. This program makes it possible to accelerate healing, to treat the harmful consequences of radiotherapy (skin dryness, redness, inflammation) or chemotherapy (persistent dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, itching). In addition to thermal treatments, curists have access to numerous aftercare services for women:

  • make-up workshops allow you to recover your femininity damaged by the treatments
  • discussion groups with a psychologist to discuss the difficulties encountered during the treatment
  • targeted lectures
  • sophrology and gi qong workshops to better manage their anxiety.

Post-cancer cure at La Roche Posay

Mini post-breast cancer cure in Molitg les Bains

There are more than 400,000 women in France who have survived breast cancer. Every year 30,000 new women join them. Tired, frequently isolated, sometimes depressed, their reinsertion into daily life is often difficult. The world leader in thermalism, the Chaine Thermale du Soleil, offers Molitg les Bains a mini-cure for post-therapeutic support and rehabilitation for women in complete remission from breast cancer.

12 days to recover self-confidence and get back to the normal course of life.

  • spa treatments to rebuild the epidermis
  • sports activities adapted to regain its energy capital
  • a dietary management for a better balance
  • psychological support
  • "well-being" protocol with aesthetic creams
  • coaching and massages, are all available to regenerate one's femininity

Mini post-breast cancer cure in Molitg les Bains

"Repair" cure with Bourboule

Experts in the treatment of dermatological disorders and the after-effects of burns thanks to the repairing properties of their sodium bicarbonated thermal water rich in trace elements, the Grands Thermes de La Bourboule offer a specific spa treatment for the treatment of post-cancer skin aftereffects ( surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy). As part of the Post-cancer Dermatology cure, which is designed to reduce the signs of cancer treatments, the patients taking the waters benefit from the support of a multidisciplinary team.

"Repair" cure with Bourboule

Specific program for a better life after cancer in Néris-les-Bains

The Néris-les-Bains Spa offers a therapeutic educative program for women recovering from breast cancer. It is the only post-cancer protocol available at a resort specializing in the treatment of stress and psychosomatic disorders. This new program, which complements spa treatments, is designed to improve the quality of women's lives in remission from breast cancer in a long-term way.

Specific program for a better life after cancer in Néris-les-Bains

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