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Anti cellulite treatment

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Are looking for a anti cellulite treatment? Discover the benefits of water or dry treatments that specifically target cellulite, the most hatted of many women.... This is this famous cellulite.

anti cellulite treatment

At the origin of sensations of heaviness, unwelcome curves and unsightly shapes that we women would like to pass on, cellulite is like a nightmare... Cellulite sets in insidiously, even in cases where there is no real problem of overweight.

Extra kilos and orange peel effect... Health spas in France (like baneotherapy and thalassotherapy) offer you the opportunity to fight, during a program, the cellulite at the origin of these aesthetic inconveniences. In addition, the other benefits of an anti cellulite treatment are important, since you will enjoy the sensations of well-being that relaxing treatments provide.

What is an anti cellulite treatment?

With an anti cellulite treatment, you benefit from the expertise of wellness professionals and specific treatments: hydrotherapists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, beauticians... During this treatment, cellulite is specifically targeted using a variety of methods and techniques that are available to the professional. There are many ways to act on excess fat.

In thalassotherapy, for example, the firming and draining properties of the marine elements contained in seawater and algae will be used during your treatment. Cellulite is often closely linked to tissue congestion and slowed blood and lymphatic circulation, so it is essential to be able to clear these circulatory pathways. Algae are particularly effective in this regard. Applied in poultices to the affected parts of the body, then wrapped in a heating blanket, they release their draining agents through the skin.

An anti-cellulite cure also includes dry-type treatments (without the use of water). Indeed, some massage techniques can trigger the process of cellulite reduction while providing deep moments of relaxation. Thanks to modern technology, sophisticated devices are able to systematize the gestures of massage - such as palper-rouler - and bring additional effectiveness to the "classic" range of treatments in a program. Cellulite is then fought in a perfectly painless way, by a mechanism of motorized rollers performing a massage by suction and vacuum. This automated palpating-rolling system targets the areas that are to be re-sculpted and smoothed. This high-tech cellulite treatment uses low-frequency ultrasound stimulation techniques and pressure therapy.

What is cellulite?

In the fight against excess weight, two objectives can be distinguished:

  1. weight loss
  2. the elimination of cellulite

We could summarize it by saying that an anti cellulite treatment aims at localized thinning and the appearance of the skin, while a slimming program aims at weight loss without focusing on a particular area.

Following a path parallel to that of a "classic" slimming program, the anti cellulite treatment is distinguished by the particular emphasis it places on a battery of treatments designed to reduce the famous "orange peel" effect. The latter, the beast of the sunny days at the beach, can manifest itself even without being overweight. A small aesthetic defect that can be overcome by the cure, but not only....

Because contrary to what one might think, there is not only one type of cellulite but various phenomena united under this same generic term.

Cellulite varies according to factors such as: 

  1. the amount of fat mass
  2. the volume of water retention
  3. the fibrosis of certain tissues in the body

Thus, adipose cellulite (normally present in localized, fairly voluminous and soft forms) can be distinguished from fibrous cellulite (orange peel skin). Also, anti cellulite treatment offers a range of different treatments and techniques to work in a specific and targeted way.

Another idea associated with cellulite is that it is mainly a women's issue. True or false?

Unfortunately, that's true. 

Cellulite affects nearly 75% of women. Why?

  1. Hormonal factors
  2. slower lymphatic 
  3. lack of physical activity
  4. poor nutrition  

An essential preliminary, the nutritional assessment and the various physical activities make it possible to complete and maximize the effect of the treatments for an even more lasting result.

Targeting causes

A word of advice: as is often the case in thalasso centres, you will have free access to facilities such as a swimming pool or fitness room. Make the most of it to complete the benefits of the treatments included in your stay!

While hormonal changes, which are particularly important in women, play a major role in the development of cellulite, they alone cannot explain the phenomenon.

Other dimensions such as nutrition and sports activity are relevant and should be considered for a program.

Cellulite is also most often due to:

  1. an unbalanced diet
  2. a lack of physical activity

Two important aspects that will be on the agenda of cellulite programs, which will also include nutritional assessments, nutrition conferences, aquagym and fitness sessions, informative brochures, aftercare follow-up....

The main treatments of the cure

Whether it is a spa, balneotherapy or thalasso, anti cellulite treatment can be applied according to different treatment techniques. Some of these treatments are key methods that often come back through the different treatments offered by the centres. In particular:

  1. The mechanical palpate-roll: very trendy, this treatment is also very effective in the treatment of orange peel skin during an anti-cellulite treatment. Using these simple manual gripping and winding gestures, modern technology makes it possible to optimize their action.
  2. Low-frequency ultrasound treatment: another example of a high-tech treatment, this treatment uses the vibrations of ultrasound to act on the layers of cellulite, particularly fibrotic and deep cellulite. In combination with active ingredients, this treatment promotes penetration and action.
  3. Lymphatic drainage: a depresso-massage technique generally performed by a physiotherapist, this treatment is also a moment of deep relaxation. It helps to fight cellulite by stimulating lymphatic circulation and firming tissues.

Where to go for your anti-cellulite cure?

The list is long and the choice huge, which will allow you to find THE anti cellulite treatment that meets your expectations. Because finally, the mental aspect is also a crucial element in any process of transformation of the body. Also, take the time to carefully choose your destination to start this new step in the best conditions.

In France, you will find many health spas or thalasso hotels (Roscoff, Deauville, La Grande Motte, Vichy...). It is also possible to follow a more general treatment in the mountains, for example within a reference of slimming stays: Brides les Bains.

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