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Back pain massage

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Back pain massage is a unique way to get rid of back pain tensions by acting on painful parts of the body. Moreover, by the very effect of French touch, it allows the body to evacuate stress and relax completely.

back pain massage

Back and neck are the most stressful places. Constantly solicited by postures that are always appropriate to their respective anatomy, they accumulate tensions, which quickly turn into pain. In the long term, these pains set in and contribute to a general state of fatigue.

Back pain massage: length and rhythms

Good to know: it is done at the patient's breathing rhythm. Pressed and upward movements are used with breathing in, while light and downward movements are used during breathing out.

Back pain massage lasts about 30 to 45 minutes.

It includes different types of techniques, designed first to identify tense areas and then to free them to promote muscle relaxation.

Sequence of a back pain massage

The massage begins with a deep effleurage. This gentle movement allows you to identify tight, rigid areas. They are felt under the practitioner's hand as real knots, and are often painful to the touch.

Placed flat on either side of the spine at the arch, both hands move up towards the shoulders, towards the deltoids, the muscles of the posterior forearm, while applying an equal pressure movement over the entire length of the arm.

Kneading and pressure are then used to release these tensions. With the help of his two thumbs, the therapist applies a sustained and continuous movement from bottom to top, with higher upward pressure and softer downward pressure. He reproduces the movement until a softening of the muscle is felt under his fingers.

The trapezius area, located between the neck and shoulder, is heavily stressed by our daily activities. Carrying a bag that is too heavy, or a prolonged sitting posture in front of a computer screen, causes it to contract permanently. In fact, it quickly becomes painful. Fingertip pressure helps to release the tensions that accumulate there.

Faster vibration movements with the palm of the hand affect nerve endings and activate blood circulation.  They are generally performed after releasing the knotted areas, by kneading movements.

Which massage products to get rid of back pain?

Note: for a stimulating effect, use mint, rosemary, camphor. For a relaxing effect, we prefer rosewood, lavender, or jasmine. 

Oils are the favorite products of back sculpting. The most commonly used base oils in France are sweet almond oil, grape seed oil and sesame oil.

A few drops of essential oils are added (not much, because they are very concentrated), chosen according to the desired effect. They will gently scent the body with a light floral note.

Back pain help

Ask your questions. I will help you learn more about how your back works.

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