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Back pain prevention

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Back pain prevention should be undertaken as soon as the painful episode is over, including early return to physical activity.

It is important to protect your back, as some injuries may be permanent and may eventually cause chronic pain.

We must therefore act before it is too late!

Back pain: many avoidable factors

Many factors that cause back pain can be avoided:

  1. bad postures
  2. poor physical condition
  3. the lack of warm-up
  4. overweight

How to protect your back?

Good to know: In France, Health Insurance offers a free smartphone application called "Activ'Dos" to get to know your back better and to discover relaxation, stretching and weight-training exercises with a coach to do at work or at home.

There are different ways to protect your back. For better efficiency, it is recommended to use as much as possible:

  1. warm up before any activity
  2. use the right postures behind a computer screen
  3. use appropriate equipment and tools: chair, desk, etc.
  4. Do physical activity to control your weight and strengthen your body. Learn more with: sport and muscle back pain,
  5. practice "anti-stress" activities
back pain prevention

Back pain prevention with stress management

Back pain is very often linked to a state of stress, even if you don't necessarily feel it. The expression "to have enough of it" also reflects what the body feels when the head perceives "a fed up".

Back pain: a symptom of stress

Stress, such as strong emotions or annoyances, can result in physical pain.

The two most frequent types of pain are those of the digestive tract (stomach cramps, colic, etc.) and those of the back.

How is back pain explained in a stressful state?

When you are stressed, certain parts of the body "tighten up": you feel muscular tensions or muscle contractions.

The pain you feel is real pain with an organic explanation.

How to avoid stress-related back pain?

To reduce back pain due to stress, here are some tips:

  1. express your feelings and not to keep resentments, anger or sadness to yourself,
  2. try to find out the cause of the stress and try to control it,
  3. do not hesitate to seek help from specialists (depending on the case: psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.),
  4. practice gentle physical exercise such as swimming or walking regularly,
  5. get a massage in the painful areas (back pain massage),
  6. find activities that allow you to get some fresh air and take your mind off things.

When to seek medical attention?

Stress related back pain is always a diagnosis of exclusion, i.e. you must have eliminated all other causes before you can say that the origin is stress.

When back pain persists, even if it is thought to be due to stress, you should visit your doctor. He will be able to investigate possible reasons and initiate appropriate treatment.

Back pain, even if it is due to stress, is a real pain that must be treated!

Back pain help

Ask your questions. I will help you learn more about how your back works.

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