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Best massage oils used in spas in France

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Want to find out before you buy your massage oil? This buying guide will present you - in a clear, objective and independent way - our selection of the best massage oils of the moment. 

The criteria to take into account to choose the best massage oils

The type of massage

Each type of massage uses particular oils, according to the desired sensations and effects. You will discover the best oils you will find in France.

grape seed oilFrench massage is performed with grapeseed oil.

The smell

For relaxing or sensual massages, the smell of oils is an essential element to take into account. The scents of oils help to create an atmosphere of relaxation to promote relaxation in the person being massaged. On the other hand, as indicated above, this criterion is optional when you wish to acquire an oil for therapeutic massages.

The texture

The texture of the massage oil determines its stability. To be easy to apply, it should be neither too fat, nor too fluid or creamy. Dry oils are very popular for this purpose because they leave the skin neither too greasy nor too bright. The choice of the texture of the massage oil will therefore depend on the type of skin on which it will be applied, to avoid unpleasant effects.

The faculty of penetration

If some massage oils penetrate the skin instantly or quickly enough, others take more or less time. The faculty of penetration is very variable depending on the oils. You have the choice, depending on the type of massage you want to do and the desired effect, to choose a fast or slow penetration oil.

Why buy a massage oil for?

To maintain the skin

Whether for anti-aging treatments or just to moisturize the skin, massage oils such as argan oil or Jojoba help maintain the skin and relieve skin conditions such as burns or eczema. Other oils help tone the skin by stimulating blood circulation and hormonal systems.

To relieve muscle pain

Grapeseed oils are widely used in France to relax and relieve muscle, especially in luxury spas. This practice is not new today because ancient Greek athletes already used olive oil to massage and warm their muscles.

To relieve joint pain

Massages with grapeseed oils are particularly prescribed for people with osteoarthritis and arthritis. These oils are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and their ability to soothe joint pain.

To relax

After a hard week of work, nothing like a good massage session with essential oil to relieve stress and recharge your batteries. Highly practiced in Asia, these relaxation techniques often use different oils with scents and textures specially chosen to promote relaxation.

To lose weight

Different oils with slimming properties are used in anti-cellulite massages to help refine the size and firm the skin. The lemon essential oil is, for example, known for its effectiveness against hydrolipid retention and for its ability to firm skin tissues, thus providing a rejuvenating effect.

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