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Cellulite massage therapy

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Cellulite massage therapy repairs skin surface imperfections and provides smooth, more invigorating and beautifully radiant skin. It is able to improve most of the fatty skin aspects.

cellulite massage therapy

Regular application allows to move fat deposits at the origin of cellulite. It then makes the skin flexible and firm.

Principle of cellulite massage therapy

Also called anti-cellulite treatment, it fixes the disgraceful skin appearance. It is designed to reduce fat cell levels under skin tissue to prevent cellulite from forming on the skin's surface.

Cellulite massage therapy comes in several types. When you receive treatment in a massage spa, you can choose between a manual anti-cellulite massage or with specialized equipment.

Manual massages

Good to know: following a healthy eating habit helps the body to quickly eliminate cellulite.

Easy to perform, self-massage, practised regularly, helps to stop the cellulite attack. The technique used depends on the expected result. But the easiest way is to apply an anti-cellulite product chosen according to the type of cellulite to attack, then massage the target area by directing its movements upwards to bring blood back to the heart.

Then place your hands flat on the treated area and rub with circular movements. The massage ends with a kneading on the skin surface in order to remove fat from the tissues. For an optimal effect, each anti-cellulite massage session should last at least fifteen minutes.

On the other hand, palper rouler is one of the best known massage techniques to fight cellulite. Its principle is simple, it consists in making a pinch of skin with the thumb and fingers and rolling this fold in the area to be treated. This movement removes and melts the fat stuck to skin tissue.

At the same time, the palper rouler regulates blood and lymphatic microcirculation, because under this action, previously delocalized fats are eliminated by natural ways of the body. For a proper elimination of these toxins, it is best to drink plenty of water after the sessions. These last about thirty minutes and must be followed regularly until the cellulite disappears.

Mechanical massages

Developed by LPG Systems®, endermology is at the forefront of the most popular mechanical anti-cellulite massage techniques. After being proven in medicine in the 1980s, the method is developed to overcome cellulite. It consists of the application of two massage rollers at the target area.


  1. removes fats under the skin
  2. reduces cellulite
  3. remodels skin surface

In the skin, a anti cellulite treatment with this method removes cellulite while firming the skin.

Endermology can be done in specialized spas or at home if you decide to buy an endermological device.

When using at home, be sure to read the instructions for use to obtain a better result.

Other massage devices

Cellulite massage devices are increasing in popularity.

In most cases, these movements try to imitate the hands. The advantage of an anti-cellulite machine lies in its tireless nature, allowing it to produce a constant movement and to choose its intensity during application.

Some of them also incorporate infrared (IR) beams for better fat removal.

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