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Looking for the cheapest airplane tickets to France? 5 secret tips here

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Want to travel cheap to France or elsewhere? To find the cheapest airplane tickets at the best price? If you answered yes, then you've come to the right place!

cheapest airplane tickets

The price of plane tickets fluctuates constantly according to the demand and the date you buy them. As a result, we always feel like we're being fooled... Fortunately, there are hidden tips for paying for your flight tickets that are always cheaper than others. I have selected for you the 5 best ways to buy your tickets for less.

Look at this:

1. Book your flight at least 47 days in advance 

Buy your tickets 47 days in advance on the net allows you to buy them at the best price. So have a reminder on your mobile phone so you don't forget the date! 

Because depending on when you book it, prices can go from one to twice as high. Fortunately, very serious studies have looked at this issue closely. Here is the rule to follow:

When to buy the cheapest airplane tickets?

Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m., 6 weeks before your flight date, this is the time when ticket prices are lowest.


This is the cheapest period if you can't do it 6 months in advance. There is also a much lower chance of having to cancel your ticket.


Prices are very fluctuating. If you don't have to check for tickets on Tuesdays, check prices early in the morning every day.

It is really at this time that the price of air tickets is lowest. I am talking about it here in this trick. Please note that during this period, there are significant price variations, including between ticket comparators. It is therefore not necessary to hesitate to compare the best comparators!

Kayak allows you to see the history of price changes. This makes it possible to see if we are on a high price or at the lowest price.

2. Delete cookies from your browser 

Airlines use cookies in your Internet browser (e. g. Chrome) to track the flights you are looking for. In other words, the more you search for a specific flight, the more prices increase. To bring prices back to normal, delete cookies from your browser.

3. Change IP or laptop

If the price of the flight you are looking at has suddenly increased and deleting your cookies has not lowered the price, it is time to change IP.

To do this, connect from another computer to a different Wi-Fi. For example, you can use the computer at work or at home.

4. Travel in the middle of the week 

Friday and Sunday flights are the most popular and therefore the most expensive flights. To save money, choose a mid-week flight such as Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

5. Include Saturday night in your dates

Whenever possible, try to choose travel dates that include Saturday night. Why? Why? Because the airlines will then consider your trip as a leisure trip instead of a business trip. As a result, this allows you to release better prices.

How to do 

1. Buy your ticket neither too early nor too late. 8 or 6 weeks before departure, it's perfect!

2. Visit company sites several times a day. Prices vary up to 3 times a day.

3. Subscribe to email alerts to know about price changes.

4. If possible, avoid taking a flight on a Sunday.

5. to leave during school vacations, there is only one thing to remember: book your tickets as soon as possible.

Good to know: 

One last tip before boarding: 

Book your ticket on a Tuesday or Wednesday and leave if possible on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday!

1. Prices increase rapidly during the week of the flight. Tickets are up to 40% more expensive on the day of departure.

2. Most offers and discounts take place at the beginning of the week.

3. Remember to check the prices of neighbouring airports. Sometimes, travelling a few more miles to leave allows you to spend much less.


And here you are, you now have all the keys in hand to find the cheapest airplane tickets:-)

So have a lovely vacation!

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