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Chronic back pain relief with thalassotherapy

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Are you looking for chronic back pain relief? The properties of thalassotherapy make it an excellent remedy against these muscular pains.

A brief overview of the benefits of thalassotherapy and the treatments available.

chronic back pain relief

Benefits of thalasso treatments as a chronic back pain relief

The benefits of thalassotherapy are many:

Note: thalasso is especially recommended in the prevention of back pain. It helps to develop good reflexes in terms of posture and lifestyle.

  1. relaxation, relaxation of muscles
  2. facilitated movements
  3. improved joint mobility
  4. relaxing effect
  5. strengthening of muscle tone
  6. analgesic and circulatory benefits
  7. muscle strengthening

Thalassotherapy is therefore particularly indicated for back pain, but also for joint inflammation.

Thalassotherapy treatments for back pain

Thalassotherapy spas provide special back treatments, which include the following treatments:

complete check-up:

  1. is used to determine which areas need to be soothed;
  2. analysis of the reasons for the pain: poor posture for example;


carried out by professionals using water jets, showers, etc. They have muscle relaxant (muscle relaxation), analgesic and circulation improvement effects.

baths in warm water:

  1. the patient is dipped in water: his movements are thus facilitated, less restricted
  2. these baths allow a muscular relaxation

applications of seaweeds, sludge, oils, etc. :

  1. seaweed has soothing properties: it relaxes the muscle and promotes blood circulation
  2. applied in the form of a paste spread on the back, its benefits are completed by the association of a heating blanket which will allow the diffusion of the trace elements they contain

aquagym and weight training sessions: 

essential to strengthen yourself.

Back pain help

Ask your questions. I will help you learn more about how your back works.

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