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Compensation for delayed flight

Delayed or Cancelled Flights:
The Site To Get Your Money Back Easily.

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If you travel regularly like us, you probably know that you can have many adventures with airlines.

Delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights.

Are you aware of your rights, particularly in terms of compensation... ? !

If not, I suggest that you take a look at your rights. And above all, the means to assert them!

Did your flight get delayed or, worse, cancelled?

Did you know that it is possible to receive compensation?

The refund of part of the ticket is a right.

Compensation can be up to 700 $ per passenger.  To get your money back easily, there is only one address to know:

What are your rights as a traveller to compensation for delayed flight or cancelled flights?

With the explosion of low-cost airlines and low-cost destinations, the number of flights is growing exponentially. The number of air passengers has therefore literally exploded as well.

At the same time, airlines have implemented practices that are not always interesting for their passengers, such as overbooking, for example. The consequence is therefore an increase in the number of conflicts between airlines and passengers.

What to do in case of cancelled, delayed or overbooked flights to recover compensation?

The best advice is to get in touch with the airline and ideally request a late payment certificate (this is a non-essential but very practical document in the files). The procedures are then long, without necessarily putting goodwill on their side, the files never arrive strangely complete or get lost in the administrative maze...

Otherwise, you can use the company

How to ask compensation for delayed flight

AirHelp is a platform that helps travellers like you and me get compensation for cancelled, overbooked or delayed flights. The operation is very simple and does not require you to advance money to launch your claim:

Step 1:

 You file your claim free of charge using the form above or directly on (remember to keep your tickets and all the documents related to the flight delay but also all the additional costs related to this delay).

It is then studied by experts to ensure that it falls within the compensation clauses provided for by law.

The experts will contact you if necessary to complete the request.

Step 2: 

If everything is OK, the procedure is initiated by AirHelp. You can follow the progress of the file directly on their website. Let yourself be guided, the team manages for you!

Step 3: 

If the request is successful, you receive your compensation directly .

We have experienced some disappointments ourselves with a flight cancellation in Tunis. We have not been taken care of by the company but we never asked for/received compensation... Too bad, if we had known!

My opinion on the flight compensation service

To be remembered in case of flight delay of more than 3 hours or cancellation:

  • Keep all your receipts to claim compensation from the company.
  • Collect a flight delay certificate from the airport if possible.
  • File a free online claim for compensation and let the experts handle your compensation. In case of success, you will receive your compensation directly on your account.

This is a solution that we are now keeping in mind and that we recommend to all travellers. Beyond knowing and defending our rights, it is also a way to get compensation for the damage suffered (additional leave, shuttles to reorganize, connections, lost hotel night...) !

The only downside is that takes a commission on the compensation you receive. 

But at least you save time because you avoid the fighter's path to get your money back:-) 

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