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Day spa supplies

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Massage oils, candles, relaxation music, clay, hot stones are all day spa supplies that contribute to a successful massage.

In addition, the use of a massage device is recommended to relax at home while saving money since you do not need to use the services of a massage therapist.

Different types of devices are available in shops, such as massage tables, massage cushions and massage chair, mattress and massage cushion. The choice is then difficult and requires a minimum of knowledge.

day spa supplies

Massage devices

Each massage device has its own benefits and specificities:

  1. some have the function of relaxing tense muscles
  2. others provide comfort and a feeling of well-being

Types of day spa supplies

Day spa supplies make it possible to practice a more effective massage, they can be electrical or mechanical.

It is also possible to choose between heat-based massage devices and water-based massage devices.

In addition, the latter can also be classified according to their performance:

  1. Shiatsu massage device massages the most tense parts of the body in depth.
  2. Foot massage machine relieves all pain in no time and makes heavy leg sensations disappear.
  3. The massage device for bath or balneotherapy is effective for the feet with the pedicure kit and the whirlpool bath.
  4. The facial massage device guarantees a great soothing effect for the eyes and headaches.
  5. The massage device with hot stones, electric, promotes blood circulation and eliminates all kinds of toxins.
  6. The vibrating massage device is in the form of a mattress and allows you to get rid of fatigue.
  7. The manual massage device is recommended for massaging the head, back, hands and feet.


The large family of massage devices includes accessories. There are many of them, whatever massage you would like.

These include the automatic massage chair, which massages all parts of the body, from head to toe, or the massage mattress, which can be used on a deck chair, bed, armchair or directly on the floor.

Massage tables are important to relieve the most painful parts of the body, with the help of cushions, which make table massage more comfortable. Massage cushions allow you to relax in complete peace of mind.

On the other hand, the massage chairs guarantee a great moment of relaxation in a few minutes, and the massage arm is practical for beginners, as it performs intensive massages on specific points.

The head massager, with its twelve branches, promotes good blood circulation to avoid headaches. As for the self-massager on the back, it comes in the form of balls that can be used on the shoulders, feet or neck.

Finally, the massage stick is a very useful accessory during self-massage. It soothes tense muscles with a simple pressure. And the foot roller offers relief and great relaxation.

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