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Effleurage massage

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Effleurage massage is a gentle and soothing stroke that helps to relieve tension and make the body fit to receive all the benefits of a massage session. It is also used at the end of the session to calm the body. He also establishes a relationship of trust between you and the massage therapist.

effleurage massage

Principle of effleurage massage

Effleurage technique consists of a gentle circular movement made with the palms of the hand. Thanks to this softness, this stroke can be practiced on all parts of the body.

Used to settle down trust at the beginning of the session massage, it can also serve as a transition between different massage techniques

In practice

Effleurage technique is achieved with the palms of the hand. During this application, a circular movement is carried out so as to give the skin a superficial touch.

Hands are molded according to the shape of the body while achieving uniform movements and low intensities.

Whatever the expected result, the stroke must always be directed towards the heart. There are then two types of effort, to be chosen according to the objective.

  1. Slow motion is a source of relaxation. It is the slowness of the movement that differentiates this technique. Thanks to this, effleurage technique brings a beneficial effect for the nerves by calming them and thus reducing the anxiety.
  2. Firm effleurage serves to stimulate the body. Its application optimizes blood and lymphatic circulation.

Application modality

Effleurage technique should only be done to clean, healthy skin. The massage therapist can choose an application with bare hands or use gloves specially designed for massage.

Effleurage technique lasts approximately between one to two minutes per zone of intervention, and its frequency varies according your position on the massage table.

Handling must remain light, more intense application may result in trauma in patients with low physical tolerance.

Massage is also the moment when the practiotioner applies massage products. Its soft touch helps the smooth penetration of creams, ointments and oils. With these products, the sliding of the hand on the skin surface is easier, and local blood and lymphatic blood is regulated.

Utilities, benefits and contraindications

Effleurage technique makes it possible to prepare the zone of massage by heating.

In addition, this technique relaxes the muscles and eliminates tension so as to relax the body. At the end of the session, effleurage massage allows the body to calm down and return to a natural state.

However, despite its many benefits, effleurage technique is particularly proscribed in case of:

  1. dermatological lesion on the cutaneous surface (infectious dermatosis, etc.);
  2. inflammation or edema in the local area
  3. localized erythema.

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