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Facial massage provides well-being and relaxation to the face, which is the part of the body most exposed to external aggressions and pollutions.

The face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. It can also accumulate tensions, especially at the level maxillary where is a number of nerves. Facial massage is therefore a moment of relaxation and offers the opportunity to bring a specific facial care.

It helps to prevent wrinkles, and to relieve fatigue accumulated during the day. By toning the skin and relieving tension in the nerves of the jaws, it also delays the aging of the skin.

Face massage techniques

face massage techniques

In addition, face massage techniques can be performed by a massage therapist, an esthetician or self massage in front of the mirror. Whatever the method, there are basic movements to obtain a better result.

  1. First of all, it is essential to start the massage with the application of a cream suitable for each skin. 
  2. Then, the thumb is positioned on the temples while three other fingers are placed between the eyebrows. 
  3. Then it is necessary to draw the three fingers to the temples for smooth the forehead. Then, we must pinch skin between thumb and forefinger with both hands on each side.
  4. This movement should be applied gradually over the entire face, moving cheekbones towards the temples, from the mouth to the ears, from the chin to the jaw and from the chin to the birth of the neck.
  5. The massage ends with a stroking of the fingers all over the face and a smoothing of the skin from the chin to the neck.

Since face massage is mainly used for aesthetic purposes, the precautions to be taken mainly concern the oils or creams used. The massage products must therefore be compatible with the skin type; a prior consultation is thus necessary.

On the other hand, two main points are to work especially during a face massage:

  1. the upper point above the temples, at the birth of the hair, because it acts on the headaches
  2. the inner corner of the eyebrows, because it acts on colds and sinusitis, or even on the bladder.

Face massage is a gentle massage, just touch the face. However, skin with dermatological conditions should abstain from this type of massage.

In addition to its health benefits, face massage is a moment of pleasure and relaxation. It dazzles the skin and offers a face full of beauty and radiance.

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