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Foot massage machine

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It is possible to purchase specialized balneotherapy equipment to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy on a daily basis:

  • whirlpool bath tub
  • baleno shower
  • foot massage machine
  • jacuzzi spa

Balneotherapy allows you to soak your feet in a water bath for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. Foot massage machine offers a moment of relaxation while staying at home. We love that in France. This is just divine for us: a foot bath to relax before going to bed, specially in winter time.

foot massage machine

Balneotherapy treatment for the feet

As a treatment, balneotherapy for the feet helps to treat problems of blood circulation or osteoarthritis.

For this purpose, the feet are soaked in warm sea water at about 32°C for 3 minutes. The feet are then bathed in cold seawater at about 17°C. These hot/cold cycles are repeated four times.

Some centres have cold water pools dedicated to footbathing. These basins are not very deep and allow water to reach the ankle or calf.

Spa foot at home

Many devices are marketed to provide foot balneotherapy treatments while staying at home. These devices each have their own specific features, but generally speaking, they massage the feet while heating the water in the tub. The feet are relaxed and relaxed.

Price of a foot  massage machine

A foot balneotherapy massage device costs between 20 and 100 $.

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