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Foot massage therapy gives access to all organs and promotes the relief of pain and the evacuation of all forms of tension.

The feet are the part of the body that supports all the load weight. They often suffer from daily and necessary  and require special care. Foot massage offers the lower limbs a moment of relaxation after prolonged standing or after wearing shoes that prevent them from breathing.

A good foot massage therapy thus makes it possible to restore body balance and to remedy the various dysfunctions that it is not always natural to think of.

In addition, foot massage therapy:

  1. stimulates the nerves through nerve present in this area
  2. it also acts on different organs of the body, because the foot is a mini mapping of the body
  3. it stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  4. it balances vital functions
  5. it removes toxins
  6. it relieves stress and relaxes muscles, so you can enjoy a more balanced and restorative sleep.

How to perform foot massage therapy?

foot massage therapy

Foot massage therapy can be performed by a reflexologist, a massage therapist, or simply by a partner. However, a few gestures must be acquired for a successful massage.

It is therefore essential to put the person being massaged at comfortable so that he can enjoy the care in serenity. It is also recommended to use a massage oil for a perfect sliding of the hands.

The massage is performed from top to bottom and begins with the toes, located at the top. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Gently lower down on the foot to stimulate the organs in the chest.
  2. Work the plantar part with the back or palm of the hand.
  3. Touch the ankles in a circular motion.
  4. Finish on top of the feet with back and forth movements, stronger upwards and lighter downwards.
  5. Continue and finish up to the legs.

On the other hand, some strategic points deserve to be particularly important solicited during a foot massage:

  1. The toes contain the nerve endings.
  2. The heart spot is on the left foot.
  3. The point of the liver and stomach is in the right foot.
  4. The plantar contains the points of the intestine.
  5. The ankles represent the reproductive organs.

However, foot massage should be applied to a healthy subject. It is therefore advisable to provide as much information as possible to your partner before receiving the massage; the existence of particular illnesses should be reported.

A person with diabetes should be subject to special precautions, as the movements applied may result in a change in insulin production by the pancreas.

In addition, in case of pregnancy, it is best to refrain from this type of massage without the advice of a doctor.

And it is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to undergo reflexology treatment during the first three months of pregnancy.

Finally, patients with heart problems should also be treated with extreme caution to prevent the heart from being over stimulated.

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