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What is a French massage?

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A French massage is a massage that would be "listening to French aches". This massage is already being emulated and have already seduced many Frenchies.

french massage

Developed by a team of physiotherapists and psychologists to fight French aches, the purpose of this massage is to achieve the ultimate well-being in order to release pain of body and mind. Absolute relaxation. 


In France, we often suffer from:

  1. Back pain
  2. Heavy aching legs
  3. Insomnia
  4. Overweight

Our daily lives are often made up of obligations and stress. Accumulated fatigue quickly leads us to a state of overwork, which weakens our body and damages our mind.

To prevent this condition from settling in, it is beneficial for me to arrange my schedule with mini-breaks, which relax and rejuvenate me. These moments of relaxation allow me to listen to myself, and to find harmony between my body and mind.

I often get myself a French massage. Its beneficial means for the body and soul, a treatment that helps to regain body awareness and restore self-confidence. 

The secret of French massage?

This massage will be:

  1. both slow and deep to relax the muscle tissues
  2. toning to boost blood circulation
  3. soothing with vibrating maneuvers
  4. swings to fight insomnia

What characterizes this massage?

The components of the French Touch have been designed with:

  1. the inspiration of nature
  2. the return to the benefit of the land, fresh local produce
  3. French traditions in mind

She supports healthy eating, taking care of her body and helping to preserve nature.

This gives ingredients made in France!

The epidermis absorbs nearly 90% of the products applied to the surface of your body. This is why it is important to use 100% natural, healthy and ethical vegetable oils such as grape seed oil rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and linoleic acids, which is ideal for its regenerative, restructuring and moisturizing qualities.

The French Touch massage therefore uses a vegetable oil based on grape seeds combined with the properties and benefits of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and plants grown on French soil in order to help protect the ecosystem and preserve the balance of nature.

This massage will take you on a journey of well-being spanning 2,000 years of history.

Thanks to a particularly important work on the feet, the hands and the face, it offers a letting go and an extraordinary relaxation, difficult not to succumb to it!

It is also a muscular work supported, adapted to your sensitivity, on the back, the legs and the belly, cradle of the emotions, this will complete the experience which promises to be unique ...

What are the caracteristics of the French massage you will learn with us?

French massage with fluid and harmonious movements is often completed by slid pressure, kneading, and light friction. Particularly gentle and relaxing, it is performed with essential oils to carve and wrap the body in an intense moment of listening and inter-activity. For harmonious movements, ample and rhythmic, it provides an immense sensation of relaxation and deep well-being.

With alternating energetic pressures and smoother movements that slip on scented oils, French massage takes different techniques of traditional care from around the world to make it a relaxing treatment that eliminates stress and relieves tension.

It is a wellness massage, a series of movements that seeks individual balance, fulfillment, harmony of the person, listening to the body. The movements are facilitated by grape seed massage oil by emphasizing the most tense parts of the body. The relaxation is so complete that you can find yourself completely asleep.

What are the benefits of French massage?

Deeply rich by its sensorial-sensory approach, French massage:

  1. ease the tensions and stress of Parisian life
  2. rediscover its body in all its function receiver
  3. evacuate the stress of the day and relax
  4. reduce anxiety

The objective is to activate blood circulation through slow and recurrent gestures.

You will discover the power of the French touch

Touch is one of the five senses of the human body. All five senses are extremely important not only for allowing us to make cognitive connections to the world, but to give us a rich emotional life.

Sensations and emotions that define us as people make us unique. They allow us to live life to the fullest.

We are all born with a natural need for physical contact. Physical contact is extremely important for our physical and emotional health and well-being.

Studies have shown that contact, including massage, helps to:

  • a healthy weight gain
  • strengthening growth
  • social development of young children.

The newborn needs physical contact as much as food. In the same way, adults also need touch whether they recognize it or not.

In fact, physical contact is more than a way to stay healthy, it is a means of communication. Speech is not our only means of communication as we might think.

Some scientists suggest that humans need a few hugs a day for a healthy life. Our western society has developed a negative reaction to physical contact. It is considered an intrusion into our private life and is banned from our lives.

Too often we associate physical contact with sex. Physical contact is not only sexual. Fortunately, however, our French culture have kept an interesting level of tactile interaction. We will hold hands, and we kiss without difficulty.

If you want to meet your need to be touched, the best is still to offer you a French touch spa experience and learn massage. Start now, by the rational elimination of barriers or prejudices, and pass on your experience to others.

How is a French massage performed?

Relaxing atmosphere: perfect for giving up

The space and atmosphere of the massage room invite you to maximum relaxation. The treatment takes place in a quiet and barely lighted room. The atmosphere is cosy, the ambient temperature pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold. Nothing more unpleasant than being cold during a massage!

The treatment is performed by a qualified massage therapist or by an aesthetician. It is performed with a little background music, not rhythmic. Nature music is often chosen, such as the sound of the sea, or the singing of dolphins, known for its peaceful properties.

Usually, you are first laid on your stomach, on a completely horizontal massage table, to allow a uniform and maximum rest for your entire body. If you have back pain, you may ask that your feet be slightly raised.

You are first covered with a sheet, or a thin blanket, for your comfort. During the treatment, the professional will discover the different parts of your body, then once treated, she will cover them again.

Massage products for french massage

Grapeseed oil and essential oils are very popular for this treatment:

Lavender, orange blossom, jasmine wrap the room in a soft and relaxing fragrance, while lemon, mint and tea tree give it more tonic notes.

The professional adapts the oils to the type of mouvements performed. For the face, we prefer to use a face cream, which is more pleasant and moisturizing.

A moment of relaxation

French massage combines different types of movements, more or less relaxing:

  1. The purpose of gentle and slow movements is to relax the muscles.
  2. The stimulating movements relieve muscle tension and help to relieve the body of its toxins, by activating the blood circulation and lymphatic system.

The professional starts with a light and enveloping back massage, which introduces a first contact with your body. This manoeuvre acts on the nerve endings and induces muscle relaxation.

The movement, initially practiced slightly, will then be more supported in order to allow the practitioner to feel the different tensions of your body, and for you to become aware of them.

Then, the different parts of the body will be treated: the shoulders, the neck, the sides, the lumbar vertebrae. Then the limbs, palms and arches, fingers and toes.

What techniques are used during a French massage?

There are 4 types of movements during a French massage:

  1. Kneadings are practiced as a stretching of the area at constant pressure, then a slackening in the opposite direction, like a dough.
  2. Friction is exerted on particularly tense areas of the trapezius. These are small movements of back and forth on the muscles, at constant pressure. It is an ideal mouvement to release muscle tension.
  3. The pressures, applied statically with the fingertips, act on the nerve endings and untie the painful areas.
  4. The treatment ends with vacuum movements. With the palms of the hands, gentle pressure is applied to all treated areas, which is then slowly released.

After the relaxing massage treatment

Extend this cocooning break even further with a few minutes of relaxation, before getting up, to complete your relaxation.

Then drink a large glass of water to further promote the elimination of toxins.

Renew the treatment once a week, you deserve it!

To learn more about French massage...

Can you tell us about massage therapy in France?

Would you like to learn this massage in France?

Let us kown about it! And let us if you prefer to learn massage in Paris or in Strasbourg, Alsace!

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