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Learn to give a back massage

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As the part of the body most at risk of muscle tension, the back requires regular massages to regain its strength. An effective massage also helps to improve posture while rejuvenating the back of the new energies.

The back is a pillar for the human body since it holds the entire frame. Factors such as staying static for too long, poor posture every day or wearing high heels cause tension in your shoes.

Giving a back massage is therefore crucial to put an end to the many aches and pains that permanently affect this zone. It relaxes back muscles, relieves tension and soothes muscle pain and contractions. In addition, it oxygenates the body and stimulates blood circulation. Finally, all these elements contribute to a better sleep.

How to give a back massage?

give a back massage

In practice, a back massage requires the knowledge of a specific technique. The main actions to be taken can be summarized as follows:

  1. Your partner lies on his stomach, getting rid of his clothes. Cover the rest of his body with a towel.
  2. Massage from top to bottom from the root of the neck to the sides.
  3. Harmonize gestures with the person's breathing, ascending during inhalation and descending at the time of exhalation.
  4. Massage the spine with both thumbs.
  5. Extend the movements towards the underarms by slowly moving upwards.

It is not recommended, or even prohibited, to perform a back massage on a person suffering from joint inflammation or diseases related to bones and skeletons. It is a source of relaxation and well-being. However, a massage therapist or physiotherapist should be consulted to explore high-risk areas.

In addition, back massage does not require any special measures if the partner is in good health. However, you must be careful with the vertebrae; it is best to be massaged by a professional or to avoid touching them during the massage.

The use of your fingers is most appropriate for a back massage because they better reach the strategic points of the body.

Twelve reflex points are then to be investigated, from top to bottom:

  1. The first three points at the birth of the spine act on the lungs.
  2. The next three operate on the heart.
  3. The two points in the center of the shoulder blades treat stomach aches.
  4. The next two points will calm the liver.
  5. The point in the center of the back acts on the spleen.
  6. The last point in the kidneys affects them.

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