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Hand massage opens the way for the release of tensions and the relief of certain organs. This part of the body housing the nerve endings, massage stimulates the organs through the solicitation of reflex zones. Hand massage techniques has quick effects on the body because the hands are easy to handle and offer a mini-mapping of the body.

It contributes in particular to find the suppleness of the hands for quicker gestures and to combat the wear of ligaments and tendons. It also stimulates the nerves and the digestive and respiratory organs and delays the signs of skin aging.

In addition, the hand massage provides relaxation and well-being by relieving stress. It also helps to ward off sleep disorders.

Hand massage techniques

face massage techniques

In practice, the hand massage is performed at the fingertips, with small circular movements from the nails to the birth of the fingers. It is necessary to squeeze the muscle located at the base of the thumb towards the wrist, then to slide gently to the forearm.

The massage ends by rotating each finger on itself and sliding the knuckles between the fingers while pressing. It is also more effective when combined with essential oils.

Ligaments and tendons should only be touched. Otherwise, no special precautions are required.

Nevertheless, hand massage is strictly prohibited on parts with muscle or bone accidents without prior medical authorization.

In addition, the hand massage can work on several vital points:

  1. The massage of the inside of the wrist helps soothe the mind and the heart and helps to find sleep.
  2. The massage on the outside of the wrist serves to stimulate the pulmonary functions.
  3. The massage of the nail corner of the little finger also acts on the heart and reduces palpitations.

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