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Hand reflexology benefits


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Easy to perform, hand reflexology provides vitality, relaxation, health and well-being to the whole body. By using the sensitive parts of the hands, it is effective on many parts of the body such as respiratory organs, head and heart. Easier to access, hands also have the advantage of sheltering nerve endings that communicate with the whole body.

hand reflexology

Although there are fewer organs that can be treated by stimulating hands reflex zones than those accessible on the feet, the reality is that hand reflexology is a faster method of treatment.

In addition, the method of hand massage is almost similar to acupressure, the only difference being the reflex points.

Reflex points are stimulated by:

  1. touch
  2. light pressure
  3. small massages
  4. rotational or linear movements

On this part of the body, sensitive zones are located on the surface, inside the hands and on the phalanges. If hand reflexology is not as popular as foot reflexology, it has the benefit of being simple and easy to perform. In addition, just like feet, hands own the most sensitive parts of the body. Hand reflexology is thus seen as a complementary approach to foot reflexology, especially to strengthen the impact of stress on reflex zones located on the feet. However, this does not exclude the practice of hand reflexology independently.

What happens during a hand reflexology session?

A hand reflexology session often begins and ends with an exchange between the practitioner and the client. It usually follows several stages.

  1. The reflexologist always starts with movements to loosen and relax the client's hands. Once relaxed, the body begins to relax and rest, so it is ready to receive the massage. In addition, both the practitioner and the client must be aware of the body response to each stimulation of sensitive zones. All strategic points are then explored through specific movements designed to restore balance and relieve any tension.
  2. The session usually ends with light touching to restore tranquility.


In general, hand reflexology:

  1. eliminates stress
  2. releases tensions and swellings due to great fatigue
  3. relieves the whole body

It identifies sensitive points to treat specific disorders such as:

  1. constipation
  2. allergies
  3. anxiety
  4.  insomnia

On the other side, hand reflexology can be practiced independently of foot reflexology.

It can even be performed as a self-massage every day, alternating, for example, with sessions at the reflexologist's for foot massages.

Last but not least, hand reflexology is for both children and adults.

The technique is especially appreciated by elderly people because of its non-intrusive nature.

However, it should not be carried out in the event of wounds or infectious skin inflammation, circulatory disorders, pregnancy (during the first three months), trauma or heart problems.

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