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Health spa massage therapy

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Massage therapy is a natural and traditional therapy in which specific and rhythmic hand movements are applied to different parts of the body. While the benefits of massage are well established, choosing the most appropriate technique can be difficult without a better knowledge in the field.

Discovering the different techniques used and the specificity of each massage allows you to better guide yourself.

therapeutic massage

Massage therapy information: get to know more about it...

Massage is an alternative to modern medicine. The term massage has its origin in the Arabic word "mass" meaning "palpate". Massage, or massotherapy, therefore brings together a whole family of methods using the gestures and sensitivity of the human body.

It is a practice based on the stimulation of specific areas to relieve pain and treat some forms of illness.

The benefits of massage are innumerable. It is a source of well-being, beauty, relaxation, but especially health. It strengthens the immune system and acts on both the physical and the mental.

What to expect during a health spa massage therapy session?

Several massage techniques are involved in massage therapy.

They are usually performed on a person who is lying on a massage table.

The choice of the technique to be used must be in harmony with the body parts to be treated and the results expected for therapeutic massage to be effective.

The use of massage products such as massage oil or creams contributes to the efficiency of the actions and brings additional benefits to the treatment. Accessories are therefore important during a massage session.

Each session of health spa massage therapy always begins with a conditioning of the person being massaged; a moment of relaxation is reserved at the beginning and the end.

In addition, it is not necessary to undress completely although it is more comfortable and more convenient for the massage therapist. The length of a massage session varies depending on the area treated and massage applied.

What are the benefits of health spa massage therapy?

Whether it is to reduce muscular tension, shape your body shape or provide additional well-being, all massages help improve your health and sometimes fight serious illnesses. Therapeutic massageanti-cellulitelymphatic drainagerelaxation or wellness massage bring all health and comfort.

Each massage has different benefits and complementary to its peers. The benefits can act on two levels:

  1. physical benefits
  2. psychological benefits.

Thus, massage helps to take care of the body. The different applied techniques help to provide a better silhouette and perfect curves. It also works on the skin and helps treat skin imperfections. Among the many effects of massage on the body, we can mention:

  1. alleviation of pain in the neck, back, head, feet and sciatic nerve
  2. relief of lower back pain
  3. reduction of tensions and the relaxation of the muscles
  4. evacuation of toxins and fats causing cellulite
  5. toned body
  6. softening of the skin

In addition, spa massage therapy has exceptional benefits and brings indisputable benefits to the body.

Thus, it

  1. promotes sleep
  2. eliminates fatigue
  3. improves the circulation of energy
  4. helps prevent serious diseases
  5. can even help treat diseases such as cancer
  6. it is also an aid to the treatment of asthma

Massages also work on constipation by improving digestion and allowing better blood and lymphatic circulation.

Finally, massages facilitate childbirth, which is why they are taught in preparation classes.

By acting on the body, massage also has positive effects on the mind, attention and awareness of emotions. It brings to the patient a new energy in:

  1. giving him total well-being;
  2. the relaxing;
  3. bringing him relaxation and good humor;
  4. helping him fight against stress, anxiety and depression.

The combined effects of the various massages offer a more than satisfactory result.

However, one must know how to choose the technique in harmony with the needs of the body.

Do you need to take some cautions?

Health spa massage therapy is synonymous of well-being, but some precautions must be taken to achieve it safely.

Thus, it is inadvisable to be massaged in the case of fever and to carry out a systematic check of the state of the cardiac rhythm and the blood pressure before each session: a fall of the first or a rise of the second can be dangerous.

In addition, body parts affected by a wound or any other form of infection or bruise should not be massaged.

Finally, calling in a recognized professional is essential, as a poorly practiced massage can aggravate the disorders already present.

Your body: a precious tool!

Hands are the main working tool for massaging.

However, it is not surprising to see a massage therapis using his feet, knees or elbows. Similarly, massage is performed on all parts of the body, from head to toe. Each massage focuses on its favorite areas. The patient can thus opt for a partial massage:

  1. of the skin
  2. specific muscles
  3. ligaments and tendons
  4. other strategic points of the body

But the complete massage is the best way to enjoy total relaxation.

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