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Spa is a symbol of relaxation and well-being for mind and body, in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

It is a unique place to take care of yourself through health care, massage, beauty and relaxation.

You will experience overall well-being through fully personalized spa services in a place that offers a new way of life where you can spend time on your body and physical balance. It is the most hedonistic way to experience inner peace and serenity.

health spa treatments

Why don't you try health spa treatments to:

  • Relax and meditate
  • Practice a physical activity
  • Manage your stress

People who go to a Spa do so for no particular reason, they want to take care of it in a general way and consider it is time for it.

However, in addition to the well-being that a spa provides, it helps to control some aches and pains and improve specific points of the body:

Manage your stress

Stress can accelerate cell aging. Spas care for relaxation and stress reduction will help strengthen your general condition, increase your immune defenses and slow down the effects of aging.

Control your cortisol levels

Cortisol is the main hormone that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, ions and water to limit any excessively sudden changes in the physiological balance of the body. If our body produces an excessive amount of cortisol, this will accelerate aging, an imbalance of the immune system, damage the brain cells, may disrupt the thyroid ...

Reduce tensions

Spa also relaxes tensions, thanks to spa massages that provide a real relaxation of the muscles and allows the blood to circulate better and the vital energy to be released.

Elimination of toxins

Spa helps eliminate toxins through deep hydration, jacuzzi spa, steam bath, sauna ...

Improved blood circulation

Spa improves blood circulation and helps to better irrigate the organs and upper layers of the epidermis while stimulating the immune system.

Calming of nervous tension

Spa also helps soothe nervous tension. Indeed, a massage with essential oils will act on key points of the nervous system that will stimulate the latter and gradually harmonize the entire body. Indeed, the nervous system regulates all the automatic functions of our organism: digestion, blood pressure ...

Slow down aging

Anti aging spa treatments help slow down aging through a manual technique that will tone and improve the texture of the skin, even in the elderly.

Act on the whole body

Spa also allows to act on the whole body and this in a general way. Indeed, all health spa treatments soothing the body also allow the mind to work better and faster.

To promote the benefits of care during a session in a Spa, avoid drinking coffee within two to three hours before a treatment. Indeed, coffee or green tea will risk provoking a waltzing spirit between several thoughts instead of indulging in relaxation.

Health spa treatments in France

In the following pages, I will give you an overview of the main information contained in our health spa treatments guide to better understand and choose. In France, thalasso spa centers offer treatments to heal, relieve or rest the body. The treatments are natural and provide a pure moment of pleasure for the body, but also for the mind. The thalasso spa centres are close to the sea, offering a relaxing environment for spa users. Here is all the information you need to know about thalassotherapy treatments and to choose the appropriate treatment for your needs:

A thalassotherapy spa is located by the sea and offers hydrotherapy treatments based on seawater and seafood products such as seaweed and marine mud. Treatments can be both curative and preventive. But many people who take the waters decide to follow a short stay cure for the relaxing benefits it provides.

The benefits of a thalasso

Warning: even if health spa treatments are good for everyone, there are still some contraindications, and it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about them.

A thalasso is the ideal time to take care of your body and mind. The benefits of a thalasso come from seawater rich in trace elements, algae and marine mud rich in vitamins and amino acids. The sea air also contributes to the well-being of the person taking the waters and particularly for people with respiratory problems.

Prepare and extend your thalasso

Before leaving to relax in a thalasso spa, you must find out about the treatments you want to follow so that you can choose the ideal destination for your stay. A thalasso, to enjoy it properly, you have to prepare!

Prepare your thalassotherapy program

And after a thalassotherapy, some advice is given on our website to prolong the benefits of a cure.

Where to go for a thalassotherapy?

A thalassotherapy treatment, to be fully beneficial, must last approximately one week. It is then a thalasso stay. But the resorts also offer thalasso weekends. Finally, we can take the opportunity to take a spa vacation. All that remains is to choose the right thalassotherapy spa resort: the choice is important!

Thalasso treatments

For your thalassotherapy cure, you will have the choice between different thalassotherapy treatments offered by the spa:

  1. balneotherapy
  2. hydromassage
  3. algotherapy
  4. marine mud
  5. massages
  6. pressotherapy. 

But thalasso resorts also offer other valuable wellness services: 

  1. aquagym
  2. swimming pool exercises
  3. steam baths
  4. healthy meals
  5. facial and body care

The benefits of health spa treatments at home

To extend the benefits of a thalasso after a cure, multiple care products are available from thalassotherapy facilities to be used at home. 

It is also possible to purchase hydrotherapy equipment at home: 

  1. whirlpool bath
  2. whirlpool shower
  3. hydromassage
  4. footbath
  5. jacuzzi spa

These facilities will provide you with relaxing massages at home.

A Thermal Cure

Thermalism, like thalasso, is hydrotherapy. But he uses mineral water and not seawater.

Thermal treatments use thermal water, but also thermal gas (known as carboxytherapy) and thermal mud.

The benefits of mineral water from the various thermal spas depend on the geological nature of the soil from which the water comes.

The benefits of water thus define the treatments offered in thermal baths. Your doctor will give you information about the spa that is right for you.

Which treatment should I choose?

There are many possible thermal cures, depending on the ailments to be treated: 

  1. rheumatology spa treatmen
  2. osteoarthritis spa treatment
  3. dermatology spa treatment
  4. psoriasis spa treatment
  5. ENT spa treatment
  6. asthma spa treatment
  7. phlebology spa treatment

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