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Hot stone massage therapy


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Hot stone massage therapy is one of the most innovative techniques. Made with essential oils and warm pebbles from Hawaii, it brings real well-being to the body.

The combined effect of the heat of the pebbles, essential oils and pressures produced by the practitioner allows him to overcome a good number of physical problems as well as certain psychological disorders related to stress.

hot stone massage therapy

Special features of hot stone massage therapy

The specificity of this practice is based on the use of stones as massage products. After being heated to a specific temperature, they are able to keep this heat for a certain period of time.

Hot stone massage therapy stimulates the body by warming the muscles. Under the influence of heat, blood vessels dilate, thus promoting blood and lymphatic circulation.

Its duration appears a little longer compared to other massages since the installation of hot stones on certain points is delicate.

Conduct of a session

Before proceeding with a hot stone massage therapy, the basalt or volcanic marble stones are heated in a basin of water. They are removed when the temperature reaches 140°F to make way for other stones. You then lies on your stomach on a massage table.

Then it receives throughout its spine the polished and preheated rollers. The stones are thus placed on the specific points, and the hot and cold stones are alternated according to the desired objective. The massage therapist then performs a back massage using a combination of several techniques: strokes, friction and pressure.

In addition, for this type of massage, the lasting of a session varies between one and two hours, depending on the formula you choose. The hot stone massage therapy ends with a coming back to calm to allow the body to return to its normal temperature.


Of Hawaiian origin, hot stone massage has long been used by traditional indigenous healers. Its popularization after knowledge of anatomy and nerve functions allows it to offer many benefits:

  1. promotes the rejection of lactic acid
  2. optimizes lymphatic drainage
  3. eliminates cellulite by destroying fat deposits
  4. it relocates and eliminates toxins
  5. restore and strengthene the immune system
  6. it relaxes the body
  7. eliminates stress and tension
  8. promotes psycho-corporal awakening
  9. relaxes muscle knots
  10. reduces pain
  11. it regulates the circulation of blood and energy flows


Hot stone massage has its limits, it is particularly contraindicated:

  1. in case of varicose veins
  2. for clients with heart diseases
  3. for people with advanced cardiovascular disorders
  4. for those who have an immune system problem
  5. in case of respiratory disorders
  6. for diabetics
  7. if the massaged person has skin infections.

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