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Scalp massage is a real hair care because it promotes their tone and contributes to the relaxation of the body.

As other parts of the body they need specific care, including a regular massage. Considered as a hair gymnastic, scalp massage is a source of well-being and undeniable health.

It allows both to relax this area of ​​the head, to stimulate micro-circulation and to soften the scalp. In addition, it helps the regeneration of the regrowth and stimulates the epidermis of the scalp. The capillary massage also acts on the nervous system by oxygenating the vascular system, and helps the evacuation of the stress.

How to massage scalp?

In practice, three main actions must be applied during a capillary massage.

  1. It is first of all to join the fingers and massage the two sides of the head, outward movements, from the neck to the top of the head;
  2. then perform small lateral vibrations from the forehead to the top of the head, always with the fingers raised. 
  3. Finally, you should place both hands flat, horizontally, on the forehead, sliding them to the neck.

Scalp massage does not require any special precautions as long as your partner is in good health. The hairdresser often uses this type of massage to better activate the products.

It is particularly advisable to work on a clean scalp, if not during the conditioner.

In addition, scalp massage has a few strategic points. These are all areas along the meridians of the skull, namely:

  1. the neck, to relieve migraine
  2. the top of the head, to provide relaxation and well-being
  3. behind the ears and on the forehead, to relieve tension
  4. the whole scalp, for a softer skin and hair balanced

However, scalp massage is strongly prohibited on subjects with lesions on the head. Similarly, dermatological diseases are also not compatible with this type of massage.

Scalp massage can be provided by a masseur, a professional hairdresser or by yourself thanks to the practice of self-massage.

Specific features

Scalp massage is known for its benefits on the health and vitality of the hair. Indeed, the oils and treatments used effectively penetrate the hair fiber to promote softness, suppleness and vitality. In addition, the rolling and brushing performed softens the skin and stimulates the roots: your hair will grow faster and keep all its volume and density.

How long?

Adapted to the tightest schedules, hair massages are effective even if they only last 15 to 20 minutes. The most convinced will be able to claim longer services depending on the offers offered by each professional.

Recommendations for action

In order to take advantage of all the benefits of head massage, it is advisable to contact the professional best suited to the desired well-being. Thus, we prefer the beauty salon when we simply want to relax, and we go to a hair salon if we want a targeted action on hair.

Finally, to fully enjoy this pleasant moment, having tea or a nap are ideal ways to extend the session!

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