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Jacuzzi bath tubs

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Different types of jacuzzi bath tubs

Offering an important choice in terms of materials (wood, concrete, stone or synthetic), locations, dimensions and costs, whirlpool bath tubs will be installed

Built-in hot tub

jacuzzi bath tubs

Installed, semi-buried or completely buried, the built-in hot tub was very successful in the 1980s, even though today there is less demand and more for portable models. Once installed, you will not be able to move or relocate it.

In addition, its installation requires independent plumbing, a technical room for the heating and heating system, access to the plumbing, and an electrical connection connected independently to the circuit breaker.

It is also strongly recommended to use a professional for its installation, which requires good knowledge of plumbing, especially if you have the project to buy a buried spa.

The built-in spa is the first choice for spa professionals and people who want to add value to their home, just like a pool or veranda. It can also be custom built to better adapt to the needs of use. All choices are possible: shapes, dimensions and materials (concrete, wood, synthetics ...). Thanks to this, it integrates perfectly with its environment.

In addition, an overflow system can be integrated into an encapsulated spa. In this case, the basin is surrounded by a channel into which the excess water flows. This system regulates the water level, regardless of the basin's use.

Portable hot tub

portable jacuzzi bath tub

Present in many forms, portable jacuzzi bath tubs are the most sold to individuals, there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

In addition, their installation does not need to be a handyman. Indeed, being easily transportable, their implementation takes less than a day; it only requires a water supply to fill the spa, an electrical outlet connected to the independent circuit breaker and a flat area that is resistant to the weight of the filled portable spa. And no technical room is required.

However, the portable whirlpool bath tub is not free of defects, and its constraints are primarily technical! Indeed, it is impossible to embed such a model, because the technical part is often in the walls or under the access step. In addition, this spa is heavy, about 440 pounds for a jacuzzi bath tub of four places and 880 pounds for a model of seven places, which does not allow to move it often. There are nevertheless some lighter models, designed to be transported to a vacation spot, for example.

Inflatable hot tub

jacuzzi bath tubs

Generally designed in thick PVC, the inflatable jacuzzi bath tub is installed in about thirty minutes, including gonage, filling and connection. It is inflated by an electric pump, most often supplied with the spa, and can remain several weeks without being regon ed. Once installed, it works like any other model and withstands a temperature up to 104 °F.

The inflatable model has the advantage of being very light, about 110 pounds, which greatly facilitates its transport. Once stored, it takes up little space and can be stored easily.

Regarding the dimensions, they differ depending on the location of the spa: indoor or outdoor. For example, a model of 6 feet outside diameter will be only 5 feet inside. 

Swim whirlpool bath tub

jacuzzi bath tubs

In a swim jacuzzi, you can not swim like in a pool but the jets (one to seven) create a current more or less strong in the basin allowing swim or make exercises. He can additionally accommodate up ten people ! he thus meets the needs of all: swimmers, children learning to swim, persons in reeducation or wishing, for example, to practice water aerobics.

It is of course possible to add equipment to the standard spa, such as lights for chromotherapy, a fragrance diffuser for aromatherapy, audio or video equipment. And for athletes, a rower and bars can be incorporated.

In addition, the dimensions are designed to allow the practice of exercises; they are usually 13 feet or 16 feet long and 5 feet high. Larger than conventional jacuzzi bath tubs, it is nevertheless smaller than a pool: between 1600 gallons and 2600 gallons of water, five to ten times the capacity of a standard model.

The swim whirlpool bath tubs may also have one or two pools. A single pool requires a choice between relaxation and swimming, because it is not possible to swim in water heated to a recommended temperature for relaxation. But two basins make it possible to two functions simultaneously: two control panels, two temperatures and two ambiances. There are even three pools, which combine swimming, relaxation and refreshment. 

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