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Jacuzzi spas guide

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Spa tubs are wellness facilities that are found mainly in beauty salons or wellness centers, but gradually enters individual houses, since sales are increasing every year by 30 %.

Created by Roy Jacuzzi in 1968, the spa consists of an ergonomic hot water basin, equipped with nozzles and hydromassage jets.

To the traditional jacuzzi spa, it is possible to add other equipment, which will always offer you more comfort and relaxation. 

Originally a spa is designed to be placed outside, which is why 70% of buyers make this choice of location.

Nevertheless, is moving more and more towards models interiors that offer other advantages, but require good conditions of ventilation, space and soil resistance.

Once the location has been decided, choose the spa model that best suits your needs, your desires and the available space and your budget.

The built-in, buried spa requires a specific technical room and plumbing, while a portable, above-ground spa offers a simple installation and can be worn when moving.

There are also comfortable spa tubs, easy to set up, but above all inexpensive. Finally, the swim spa is a mini-pool that allows both to relax and swim.

In parallel, you can equip various accessories, to make the use of your spa always more pleasant.

jacuzzi spas


The equipment of spa tubs are to be chosen according to your budget and your tastes, but they must above all be granted to the design of your home.

The tank can be in wood, concrete, stone, mosaic or synthetic materials. Warm and natural, wood must be maintained to withstand the long term, but the concrete also offers a solid armor for the tank and allows all forms.

Stone, solid and natural, is timeless; while a mosaic will bring an additional decorative touch.

Finally, synthetic materials (acrylic, liner, polyethylene) adapt to your budget and your expectations.

Installation of jacuzzi spas

Depending on its characteristics, spa tubs can be placed on the ground, semi-buried or totally buried. Its dimensions vary according to the number of people it can accommodate. The smaller models are designed for two individuals, but the largest can go up to twelve ... The swim spa, it is the size of a small pool.

For the filter, you have the choice between a massage pump, which is the standard filtration of most spas, and a continuous, more expensive, which will provide you with clean and seamless water continuously.

Heating is also an essential element: a constant temperature and a reasonable consumption are essential. To save energy, the temperature of your spa should be kept below 40 ° C ...


Jacuzzi spa, like a pool, requires regular maintenance; it requires more to have some accessories, especially for its wintering.

The spa shelter, single roof or extra room, is the element that will allow you to protect your spa despite of bad weather.

Otherwise, a cover will be essential to save energy and protect the surroundings of the installation.


Spa tubs can be purchased either from specialized manufacturers or in salons that bring together all spa professionals in one place. This second option will allow you to easily compare the models and even order locally. The prices are extremely variable: from 500 dollars for small standard spas up to 30 000 dollars for large luxury models.

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