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What is Japan massage?

Japan massage is a massage technique different from massages practiced in the western countries.

Japanese massage is called "shiatsu" or "kobido". It is totally different from Californian massage, for example.

japan massage

How is Japanese massage performed?

While Californian massage is performed on almost naked person who is massaged with oil, Japan massage is performed on a dressed person and therefore no oil is used.

It is advisable to wear soft and light clothing.

What is unique about Japanese massage?

If a massage such as Californian massage is composed of wide and gentle movements whose purpose is to relax and relax tensions, Japanese massage is based on a completely different technique similar to Chinese massage.

Indeed, as in Chinese massage, Japan massage is performed on the acupuncture points that run through the body.

The practitioner applies pressure to different points on the body with the thumbs of his hands, palms of his hands and elbows.

The pressures applied are more or less strong and more or less painful. The practitioner applies pressure to the points on the body where he feels tension and to acupressure points on the body in order to restore circulation in the body.

Japanese massage may seem uncomfortable but at the end of the massage session, you are released from all tensions and contractions of the body and you feel like a new person!

It is a massage that restores vitality.

Different Kinds of Japanese Massage

There are several kinds of Japanese massage because it has had various influences.

The best known are:

  1. Namikoshi Shiatsu: This is the Japanese massage that has become known in the western world. It is taught in Japan in massage schools.
  2. Macrobiotic shiatsu is associated with a macrobiotic diet (diet based on the Chinese principle of yin and yang).
  3. Shiatsu of the face whose purpose is to reduce the development of wrinkles. It improves microcirculation of facial blood.

Japanese massage is a massage for therapeutic purposes.

This massage is based on traditional Chinese medicine.

This medicine has the principle of restoring the balance of the flow of energy in the body and considers that energy imbalances lead to illness.

In which cases should Japanese massage be avoided?

Japanese massage is very good for the body of a healthy person. Its benefits on general health are nowadays well established and it has been adopted by several fitness institutes and spa centers. However, this Japanese massage is not recommended for people suffering from certain disorders. 

It should be avoided in the following cases:

  1. When you have open wounds
  2. When you have an ulcer
  3. Following a surgery
  4. If you are an asthmatic patient
  5. If you have a skin infection that may be contagious

Ko Bi Do massage is on the move

Have you ever heard of Kobido or Ko Bi Do massage?

In Japanese it means: traditional art of beauty

It is an ultra modern and refreshing face massage. I have tried it in a health spa in France. It's a massage that is a popular choice for massage lovers from Japan. This Japanese massage is a powerful anti-aging massage and mainly concerns specific areas of the body such as the face and shoulders.

Ko Bi Do:

  1. tonifies the skin
  2. brightens up the complexion without a doubt
  3. boosts collagen and elastin production, so it is recommended for mature women over 45 years of age

Where can you enjoy this Japanese massage in France?

Hinokibo & Sensu in Burgundy Paris

The Hinokibo body massage is a japan massage that combines manual techniques and movements with wooden sticks. The treatment consists of smoothing, pressure, muscle stretching and draining friction for total well-being. It provides deep muscle relaxation, relieves tension, promotes the elimination of toxins, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, reshapes the body and firms the skin's tissues.

He is inspired by several techniques:

  • acupressure
  • meridian stimulation
  • lymphatic drainage
  • muscle stretching

This traditional facial treatment was then developed to provide a global package for customers looking for well-being and efficiency. It is done using two smaller Hinokibo.

Ko Bi Do Lifting and Plumping "Fountain of Youth" facial

The essential kobido massage treatment is an exclusive treatment of the Cinq Mondes Spa. This massage is sublimated in Ko Bi Do Lifting and Plumping "Fountain of Youth", integrating the power of Geto Supreme The Cream and optimizing its effectiveness.

At Cinq Mondes, it is carried out in:

  • 50 youthful gestures, completed with Dermaponcture techniques.
  • kneading on 33 facial muscles
  • energetic brushing to stimulate facial and neck circulation

The results are:

  • Natural elimination of toxins
  • skin rejuvenation that is naturally lifted up

To find a Cinq Mondes spa in France: click here

Kobido Signature treatment in Georges V Paris

Goerges V is a luxurious palace. Be aware that in Japanese times of the 15th century, Kobido was exclusively dedicated to imperial women and aristocracy. You will be treated like a king by receiving traditional treatment in the very heart of Paris.

To know more about Kobido Signature treatment in Georges V Paris: click here

Would you like to learn this massage in France?

Let us kown about it! And let us if you prefer to learn massage in Paris or in Strasbourg, Alsace!

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