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Come learn massage therapy in France. You will learn how to massage well and bring benefits and health to the person receiving your massage.

Following a massage training is essential to know how to massage well and bring benefits and health to the person benefiting from the massage.

Successful massage involves a few conditions to be met to achieve the result expected by the person being massaged. These conditions are, in chronological order:

  1. the setting of the massage purpose
  2. type of massage to be performed
  3. the setting of the massage
  4. knowledge of massage techniques
learn massage therapy

How to massage well: the choice of the right type of massage

The need for massage is often the result of a desire for well-being, relaxation, relief or therapy, at the mental, physical, emotional and psychological levels.

Massage can be an all-over treatment on the whole body or just an treatment on one or more specific parts. It can take effect in a single session or over a longer or shorter period depending on the desired outcome.

To massage properly, it is therefore essential that you know the type of massage adapted to the individual by first making a preliminary assessment.

A good preparation for a good massage

Good preparation is essential for the effectiveness and success of a massage. Before a session begins, it must meet a number of conditions:

  1. Massage environment: the massage room must breathe relaxation and comfort through organization, simplicity, cleanliness, soft light, soft music in silence, a scented candle to lightly perfume the room....
  2. Massage oils, massage equipment and accessories: depending on the type of massage to be applied, all the tools necessary for a safe and comfortable massage must be ready on site to ensure that the session is not interrupted.
  3. Your setting in condition: as the massager, you must breathe cleanliness and freshness, your nails must be well cut and your hands warmed. And since massage is an interaction of energies, you must be in an ideal condition of physical, emotional and psychological well-being to inspire confidence in your subject.

Learn massage techniques

It is essential to have a good knowledge of massage techniques in order to be successful:

  1. Among the massage techniques, it is important to know the massage oil adapted to the desired treatment and its effects on the body of the person being massaged, this oil will not only facilitate the sliding of the masseur's movements but also the reception of the benefits of the massage.
  2. Massage being an art of touch, the skill of the hands is required as well as knowledge of the vital points of the body.
  3. Throughout the massage, you must know how to listen to the person's body and detect each reaction in order to act accordingly.
  4. The ability to control the main movements applied in massage such as:effleurage, friction,  palper-rouler, kneading, pressure, tapping, vibration... is achieved after a course or training in massage.

Who is the training for?

Massage training is not only to make it a profession, it is also for you who want to practice this relaxing and therapeutic activity on your own behalf.

The training is thus available for you as:

  1. a single person
  2. a couple
  3. a student wishing to train for research
  4. a professional working in a beauty salon, wellness center, a spa or a medical center
  5. a massage therapist already in practice and wishing to improve or deepen a particular technique

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