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Lose quickly weight

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A massage that help lose quickly weight is a leading treatment practiced in a beauty salon or at a massage therapist's to help slim and firm the skin.

lose quickly weight

Warning: there are some contraindications, especially for people with cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure.

Massages to lose weight are intended for people with cellulite and water retention because they help to locate and treat it.

Slimming massage is one of the treatments that help you lose weight, with electrostimulation and ultrasound that must be performed by a professional.

What is a weight loss massage?

A weight loss massage is a massage that helps to lose a few inches in the thighs, stomach, hips and buttocks. Massages alone do not make it possible to lose weight, but a balanced diet combined with regular sports activity helps to refine and firm the body.

A massage is the combination of small movements of varying intensity on the skin. Massage to lose quickly weight is practiced both in beauty salons and at massage threrapist's.

What are the types of massages to lose quickly weight?

The most common weight loss massages are:

  1. Palper-roulerit is about pinching the skin between the fingers while rolling the skin. It is painful, but effective.
  2. Kneadingit is about kneading the skin by making back and forth movements. It is not very painful.
  3. Suction cups: it is about making a suction cup by pressing on your hand placed in hollow on the skin. It helps to facilitate blood circulation.
  4. Lymphatic drainageit consists in applying gentle pressure on the body. It eliminates toxins and excess water retained. It is also effective against cellulite.

Weight loss massages: some tips

For maximum efficiency, the massage should be performed with a slimming cream or an oil rich in caffeine or, failing that, in theine.

Only massages carried out over a long period of time and on a regular basis can produce a visible result.

It is better to have a self massage or a massage in winter. Massages can leave bruises on the skin, which last for a few days.

Lymphatic drainage is not without risk, as it affects the lymph nodes. Make sure your massage therapist is qualified.

Benefits of weight loss massages

Weight loss massages have different benefits:

  1. they help to slim down the body and reduce cellulite 
  2. they give effective long-term results when used in combination with a balanced diet and sports activity 
  3. they promote blood circulation and help to eliminate toxins more quickly 
  4. depending on the massage, they are a moment of relaxation for body and mind.

Disadvantages of a massage to lose weight

The main disadvantages of weight loss massage are:

  1. the cost: about 45$ per session, and it is effective after at least 10 sessions 
  2. some massages are painful 
  3. they are not enough to lose weight 
  4. you must be comfortable with the intimacy of the massages ( nakedness, contact of the massage practitioner's hands on your body).

The cost of weight loss massages

It is necessary to count between 30 and 45 $ per session, whatever the type of massage.

Palper-rouler can even be more expensive.

The ideal is to have a massage twice a week for at least 1 month.

Where to lose  quickly weight in France?

Weight loss treatment, Peninsula Spa Paris

The "I'm getting thinner" formula ,Hotel spa Fontcaude, Juvignac

Arzon, Brittany

This weight loss treatment combines the benefits:

  • a wellness cuisine served in the gourmet restaurant Le BE (at dinner)
  • the wise advice of a dietician with the Oligoscan assessment, a device that measures the need for trace elements, heavy metal poisoning and oxidative stress levels
  • eating in full consciousness workshop to understand why we eat badly and reconnect with the pleasure of eating well
  • and a high-tech weight loss treatment program, tones and smoothes the skin, reduces cellulite and reshapes the silhouette.

Each person taking the spa treatment during these signature stays benefits from an Oligoscan assessment, in order to measure their tissue stocks of minerals and trace elements, and from a targeted micro-nutritional complementation.

Figure coaching 4 days

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