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Lymphatic drainage

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Manual lymphatic drainage:

  1. helps to cleanse
  2. regenerate body cells
  3. strengthens the immune system
  4. provides a well-drawn silhouette and a body full of health
lymphatic drainage

Benefits of lymphatic drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a therapeutic way to fight against the dysfunction of the lymphatic system. To do this, it promotes so-called "return" circulation and ensures elimination of harmful products and toxins that can destroy or modify cell tissues.

At the same time, thanks to its cleansing and regenerative action, it helps to heal, which reduces the risk of infection. In addition, it treats lymphoedema (swollen of an arm caused by poor circulation of the lymph) when it is associated with the combined decongestive therapy.

In general, drainage strengthens the body's defense system by diffusing white blood cells that help fight germs.

It also prevents limb damage, cellulite formation, premature aging, stretch marks and heavy aching legs, which is why it is also used for aesthetic purposes.


Manual drainage massage is performed with the hand (finger and palm).

The massage therapist applies alternately all over the body a pressure sometimes soft and sometimes more intensified; he must follow the direction of the lymphes circulation.

The patient, lying down and bare, is covered with sheet, but only the area to be treated is discovered.

A session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half


Manual drainage requires a lot of care when it is performed on people with:

  1. sclerosis of the carotid sinus
  2. bronchial asthma or thrombosis
  3. hyperthyroidism or cardiac edema

The massage therapist will then avoid touching the affected areas and will reduce the pressure.

For acute infections, malignancies and tuberculosis, manual drainage is contraindicated unless authorized by the medical authorities.

Where to receive this massage in France?

Treating post-cancer breast cancer effects in Argeles-Gazost

Thanks to its experience in the management of lymphatic pathologies, the spa of Argelès Gazost offers the Lymphedema treatment supplemented by the specific Thermoedema Program for all people who have undergone a painful and invasive medical itinerary. The objective of this treatment is to make the patient independent of his or her condition through specific workshops in order to reduce swelling in the leg or arm concerned. These activities are spread over the 3 weeks of duration and are complementary to the spa treatments.

Treating post-cancer breast cancer effects in Argeles-Gazost

Would you like to learn this massage in France?

Let us kown about it! And let us if you prefer to learn massage in Paris or in Strasbourg, Alsace!

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