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Massage for head

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Since the head is the motor of all movements of the nerves, the massage of this zone promotes relaxation, better circulation of the blood and good oxygenation of the organism.

To be more effective, the massage for head must be firm enough; the end of fingers is then the part of the hand most indicated.

Applying an upward movement from the base of the skull to the temples, you will take the precaution of spreading and tightening his fingers while encompassing the head.

Circular movements are the most appropriate for this part of the body, and precise and delicate gestures are essential for effective massage of the head.

The massage for head has the virtue of acting on the whole body. It stimulates blood circulation and helps to oxygenate blood. By stimulating the nerves located in the cranial parts, it relaxes all muscles and thus favors the balance of the body.

In addition, the massage of the head encourages the glands to release the hormones acting on the stress.

massage for head

How to do a massage for head

The massage of the head follows various essential phases to know:

  1. Put your hands on the base of your neck.
  2. Next, place both thumbs on both sides of the rounded skull bone.
  3. Place the rest of the fingers so that they are facing upwards.
  4. Raise your hands behind the ears by exerting some pressure.
  5. Slowly slide your fingers over the chins and cheeks.
  6. Allow a pause of five seconds before making the same gestures.
  7. Place your hands at eye level and massage the temples with the middle finger and forefinger in a circular motion.
  8. Mark a pause after about five turns.
  9. Repeat the same movements three times in a row.

It is also possible to use special massage equipment designed for the head, accessible in specialized stores.

However, it is essential to obtain maximum information from a massage teacher before using these devices.

The head is one of the most delicate areas of the body, so some precautions must be taken. First, the massage must be done gradually and with delicacy; we must not rush the gestures.

It must also be pleasant and cause no inconvenience to level of the head. It is also essential to respect the length of the session, which is about thirty minutes.

On the other hand, the massage of the head must mainly be done on non-risky points of the skull.

It therefore applies especially on the neck, at the base of the neck to treat migraine and headaches, and on the temples to relieve tension.

Also be aware that there are contraindications, some people can not enjoy a massage of the head. This is the case of patients suffering from arterial hypertension, having already undergone a cranial operation, with skin lesions on their head, or suffering from nerve diseases such as Parkinson's disease or other.

Finally, a massage of the head can be done in self massage and can also be practiced at the end of the day to fight insomnia. The essential thing is to do it in the rules of the art.

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