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Spa Massage therapy information

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This guide on spa massage therapy information will help you, independently and with simple words, to understand better in order to make the right choice...

massage therapy information

Spa Massage is a natural method against:

  1. muscle pain
  2. stress
  3. certain body dysfunctions
  4. brings well-being, relaxation and vitality. 

But which massage to choose from among the many possible ones?

The essential of Massage therapy information 

In addition to providing relaxation and well-being, therapeutic and relaxing massage fights stress, muscle aches and certain body dysfunctions.

The balance of the body's functioning, the relaxation of muscle fibres, relaxation, the relief of various forms of physical pain and mental trauma are essential to maintain good health. Pollution, various disruptions related to daily life as well as fatigue and external aggressions permanently affect the body.

Massages are a natural and gentle alternative to

  1. recharge your batteries
  2. restore harmony between body and mind
  3. treat common ailments

If you wish to use massage therapy:

Discover all massage therapy information you need to make the right choice and choose the type of massage that will meet your needs.

Understanding massages

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a natural therapeutic method based on the art of touch. It has the ability to overcome many ailments and contribute to the healing of certain serious diseases.

The benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy and massages act on the body and offer well-being and relaxation, on the body to relieve pain and improve organ function, on the mind by relieving tension, stress and anxiety.

The parts of the body to be massaged

The whole body can be massaged. From head to toe, each zone has its own specificities and virtues. A full body massage is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of massage.

Massage techniques

Several massage techniques allow to vary the movements of the touch in order to achieve the objectives of each type of massage. 

The most well-known techniques are

  1. effleurage
  2. friction
  3. kneading
  4. palper-rouler
  5. tapping
  6. smoothing
  7. grinding
  8. pressure
  9. vibration massage

The different types of spa massages

Many types of massages are available in the field of massage therapy. The most common are:

In the field of reflexology, we can distinguish: plantar reflexology, hand reflexology, facial reflexology, energy reflexology and auricular reflexology.

Which massage products to use?

Massages can be accompanied or not by the use of a massage product:

  1. massage oil
  2. massage candle
  3. clay
  4. hot stones

What are the different types of spa massage devices?

The use of massage equipment is usuel for a massage at home or in addition to a massage provided by a massage therapist. Massage table, massage table cushion, massage chair, massage mattress and massage cushion are the most popular massage devices.

How to choose a good spa massage therapist and find the best spa massages?

Several criteria make it possible to choose a good masseur and to identify the best massage corresponding to your expectations. The choice of location such as a massage institute, home massages or on site massages also allows you to be guided by the needs and profile of each person. Finally, discover the price of massages to better choose the one that best suits your budget.

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