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Natural anti aging skin care

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Today, many of us want to fight against wrinkles and signs of aging. It is now very easy to find anti aging skin care in spas. Discover the anti aging wrinkle treatments and their benefits to find a smooth and firm skin.

natural anti aging skin care

Where to find the best natural anti aging skin care?

In spas, it is possible to find a multitude of natural anti aging skin care treatments. Brightness treatments with facial, neck and scalp massage with skin cleansing, natural anti aging care with natural facelift, it is possible to find hundreds of different treatments. From a simple massage to a complete facial cleansing, each spa has its own anti-aging services and massages.

It is also possible to combine your appointments with anti-ageing treatments available in a drugstore, a para pharmacy or even in a store. While anti-aging spa treatments offer many benefits for both body and mind, it is essential to offer the body and face of the products selected to rejuvenate and firm the skin.

The best natural anti aging skin care according to your profile

According to your desires, the spa practitioner will tell you which treatments are the most adapted. A small face and neck massage to feel less stressed or a natural face lift performed with an energetic face massage, you will necessarily find a care (even more) that suits you. If you do not really know what you want but that this care tempts you, beauticians are at your disposal to advise you and guide you according to your skin type (dry, oily, mixed), its texture or even your wrinkles.

Do not hesitate to visit a day spa near you to find out about the treatment cards and prices. Generally, each treatment offered in each spa is different but a small explanation will allow you to find it easily.

The benefits of natural anti aging skin care

The purpose of a natural anti aging care is to actively delay the effects of aging cells. Micro-algae are very often used in anti-aging care thanks to their many cosmetic properties. Highly potent ingredients, they are recognized for their protein richness, very close to the collagen of the skin that they can maintain and regenerate.

Chlorella is mainly known, a green micro-alga very rich in proteins. Others are also known as mitochondria in blue micro-algae, which provides energy very close to our skin cells and therefore plays a regulatory role inside our skin. Odontella aurita has omega 3 and 6, which help to limit the absorption of fat by adipocytes and produce, among other things, fruit acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. What good things for our skin!

An anti aging program to fight against aging

The aging of the skin is inevitable at the approach of the fourties but it is possible to delay the effects of aging by adopting a certain lifestyle and by doing once a year a 6-day anti-aging cure in a thalasso spa or thermal spa. Find out what are the benefits of an anti-aging program, for whom it is intended and what is the care offered.

The benefits of an anti aging program

As its name suggests, a natural anti aging skin care has the main function to fight against aging and delay the release of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. The mature skins find firmness and tonicity after a few days.

But an anti aging program is not only that. It is also a good opportunity to take care of your mind, learn how to take care of your diet and resume physical activity. Because old age is also linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Know that playing sports regularly can increase your life expectancy by 7 years, so get moving!

Who is a natural anti aging skin care for?

Anti aging services are for people who want to take care of themselves first. If the skin starts to age from the age of 25-30, the effects of aging are not yet visible. From the age of 30, the skin begins to lose its collagen and elasticity. From age 40, wrinkles appear and cell turnover slows down and at age 50, skin aging accelerates.

It is at this age that anti aging program make sense, but nothing prevents you to start before to prevent skin aging.

Anti aging treatments

Before starting a natural anti aging skin care at a thalassotherapy center or spa center, you will first have a medical interview with a doctor at the center in order to make a health check and personalize the care that you will follow.

This care is organized around 4 axes:

Nutrition: Diet plays an important role in skin aging. As a cure, your diet will be rich in fruits and vegetables that have antioxidant power without neglecting the proteins that will help you maintain your muscle mass.

Sleep: poor sleep accelerates skin aging and impairs cell renewal. Curists are invited to ventilate their room and are advised to promote a good sleep.

Physical activity: a sedentary lifestyle promotes aging, both physically and mentally. Moving regularly helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, firm tissues and secrete endorphins, the hormone of happiness.

Care: whether they are in a spa or spa center, the proposed treatments are targeted anti-aging. Lymphatic drainage and massage help eliminate toxins and promote circulation in the face but also the rest of the body. Seaweed wraps are excellent for filling with trace elements, scrubs help cell renewal and jet showers firm the skin.

How to enjoy the benefits of cold water?

To enjoy the health and beauty benefits of cold water, here are some basic rules to know :

  1. Cold water" means water with a temperature between 0° and 18°C. To get used to it, it is advisable to turn down the shower thermostat a little every day instead of switching from a hot shower to an icy shower!
  2. Exposure to cold water should not be prolonged: 1 to 2 cold showers of 60 seconds per week are sufficient.
  3. For those who feel cold, it is possible to soak only certain areas in cold water, for more targeted baths.
  4. To avoid catching cold, the bathroom must be well heated!

Where to receive this treatment in France?


This treatment is intended for you who wish to have a healthy aging process through aesthetic care and high-performance cosmetic products. The objective is to preserve and optimize the "youth capital". This treatment reduces your wrinkles and your age-related spots and firms your skin.

The  anti-ageing excellence spa thalasso program

Brittany, Arzon, Port du Crouesty, in the very heart of the Golfe du Morbihan

A global and personalised response for face and body, the "Surprême Anti-âge" programme helps to prevent, reduce and repel the signs of time:

  • Skinscope diagnosis and specific Skinceuticals treatments, personalized Beauty session
  • massage and body care Themaé and Thalgo, individual sports coaching session
  • Lyashi Dôme sessions (long infrared to boost the entire metabolism by removing waste from the body)

The Beauty Supreme program at Miramar La Cigale

How to live longer, healthier and happier

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