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Natural remedies for arthritis

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There are several treatment options available to relieve or permanently treat arthritis. Among alternative medicines we found natural remedies for arthritis through:

  1. acupuncture
  2. naturopathy
  3. phytotherapy
  4. essential oils
  5. the biological decoding of diseases
  6. spa treatment
natural remedies for arthritis

Natural remedies for arthritis: on medical prescription

Thermal cures are carried out in a specialised spa center. In France, there are only accessible on medical prescription for French residents.

The recommended stays are usually 3 weeks.

The cure is designed to take care of a patient (curist) and provide him/her with various treatments based on local waters:

  1. taken at the spring
  2. that have beneficial properties

Cures are indicated for chronic arthritis:

  1. Back pain

Thermal cure: water, climate and customized treatments

Thermal cures are provided in facilities located on sites where spring water is collected and used before it loses its beneficial properties.

Different treatments allow the curist to rest and be cared for with a coordinated and targeted therapeutic action.

Thermal water: many properties for the body

These thermal waters have biological and pharmacological properties.

These properties are derived from trace elements and ions they contain and carry.

Water composition is very variable depending on where it emerges, because in each case, water flow will have been different.

Choose a suitable climate for the characteristics of arthritis

The weather also plays an important part in the cure.

The location of the cure should be chosen according to the type of arthritis to be treated and its characteristics.

For example: people with more arthritic pain in wet weather should preferably go to a spa in the south at semi-altitude to enjoy dry, sunny weather.

Customized treatments and specialized staff

Trained staff are involved to carry out:

  1. massages
  2. mud treatments
  3. functional re-education, etc.

Use of thermal water for relief from arthritis pain

Thermal baths water is used for various purposes, for internal or external treatments.

Internal treatments: drinking water or enemas

These treatments consist of:

  1. simply absorb water
  2. or to proceed with enema

Gases released by water are also reused, sometimes by inhaling them.

External treatments: most commonly used for arthritis

External treatments are the most frequent and may have an interesting effect in the case of arthritis.

Different applications are possible:

  1. baths
  2. showers
  3. spraying
  4. mud baths

Cure against arthritis: multi-field management

In a spa establishment, there is usually multidisciplinary care.

This treatment combines:

  1. Functional rehabilitation: carried out by physiotherapists and which is highly recommended in the case of arthritis
  2. massages and mud baths
  3. healthy eating and nutritional counselling ( supervised food hygiene)
  4. general advice: postures to be adopted on a daily basis and various information to improve your daily life, sometimes even rehabilitation
  5. rest and relaxation

All these elements contribute to the improvement of pain and inflammation that arthritis causes.

Cures to be renewed every year for arthritis

The spa treatment can show its benefits sometimes several weeks after the stay itself.

In the best case, the results obtained last for a whole year.

In general, a new cure is prescribed each year to maintain the therapeutic results obtained if they are successful.

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