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Pain in middle of back

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The term dorsalgia is often used to describe any pain in middle of back. Back pain is by definition a specific pain in the middle of the back. It is located in the axis of one or more of the 12 dorsal vertebrae.

pain in the middle of back

The origins of pain in middle of back

The origins of back pain (pain in the dorsal vertebrae) are many and are the same as for other parts of the back:

  1. degenerative causes related to aging such as osteoarthritis
  2. mechanical causes related to poor posture
  3. inflammatory causes related to certain diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis
  4. traumatic causes related to a shock (which may be responsible for a vertebral fracture)

Back pain can also correspond to so-called projected pain. This is pain in the internal organs that results in back pain.

Example: Pain of cardiac, pulmonary or digestive origin may occur in this way. This is why it is important to consult your doctor before any new pain.

The back part is an area where muscles contract easily during stress or tension. Back pain is frequently due to a contracture of the paravertebral muscles.

The treatment of back pain

The treatment of pain in middle of back depends on its origin: it will not be the same whether it is bone, visceral or muscle pain.

For chronic back pain, hygiene-dietary rules with weight control and regular physical activity, as well as relaxation techniques to manage stress, help reduce their incidence.

Back pain help

Ask your questions. I will help you learn more about how your back works.

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