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Palper-rouler massage

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Energizing, stimulating, toning and soothing, palper rouler (a French word that means palpating and rolling) is one of the most popular massage techniques.

Used for pain relief, this technique is also effective against cellulite.

Apart from its specific virtues, palper-rouler is able to offer those provided by other massage movements. Its application touches all the areas: therapeutic, sports and, of course, relaxing.


Principles of palper-rouler

Palper-rouler can be done manually or with a massage device provided for this purpose.

In manual palper-rouler, the fleshy part of the epidermis is pinched between the thumb and the other fingers.

A progressive displacement of this pinching makes it possible to create a wave effect on the level of the skin. The mixing of the skin during a palper-rouler is relatively energetic, the use of a massage oil also allows to increase its benefits while eliminating any pain. The palper-rouler is often used after the tapping, the grease already heated during this first technique being then pressed by palper-rouler. This deep pressure proves effective for removing them through the pores.

To be effective, the palper-rouler should last about twenty minutes, especially if the goal of the treatment is to tackle cellulite.

Application modality

The palper-rouler is used for a full body massage. If it is used for eliminating

fat, the application of is mostly done at the level certain specific parts like the inside of the thighs, buttocks and hips. In contrast, for a relaxing treatment , it applies especially on both sides of the spinal cord. Despite its immediate effect, palper-rouler offers only ephemeral results without regular monitoring of massage sessions.

Benefits and contraindications

The palpate-rolling is indicated:

  1. for the treatment of certain psychosomatic diseases
  2. for the removal of cellulite, orange peel and stretch marks
  3. to relieve back pain and other muscle aches
  4. for the treatment of migraines
  5. to optimize the body's immune defense by eliminating especially toxins

The palper-rouler thus serves to dissociate the skin envelope and to unlock the hypodermis. It drives fat out of the fascia and eliminates cellulite. In addition, it improves the elimination of toxins and helps you evacuate your stress.

Nevertheless, as with all other massage techniques, palper-rouler has contraindications. It should not be used in case of skin problems (psoriasis, urticaria, eczema ...), in the presence of haematomas or ecchymoses in the epidermis, or a wound or any trauma to the skin. In addition, it is also strongly discouraged in cases of varicose veins and hemophilia.

Some areas of the body do not endle the use of palper-rouler. These include parts where there is a lymphatic flow, blood and nervous important as the armpit or the groin. In all cases, the application of the palper-rouler in these areas is useless since they never present fat accumulation.

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