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Portable hot tub spa

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Widespread, the portable spa offers many advantages if you want to enjoy the benefits of the spa at a lower cost and with the greatest ease. Usually inflatable or in the form of a kit to be assembled, it is inexpensive and can be moved as you wish.

However, take the time to study its characteristics and weaknesses to make sure you are making the right choice.

portable hot tub spaThe portable hot tub spa, or above-ground spa, is a spa model that is relatively easy to move around, for example, to take out in the garden.

The characteristics of a portable hot tub spa

Note: the portable hot tub spa can be used as an outdoor spa as well as an indoor spa.

Portable spas are spas that are placed on the ground and that you can not only assemble yourself, but also move as you wish. These spas are generally made of synthetic materials such as acrylic, vinyl or polyethylene, but they can also have a wooden exterior. There are various types of portable spas.

Portable spas include inflatable spas that must be inflated, and kit spas that are rigid spas that you will have to install. A simple electrical connection is required to install a portable hot tub spa, and you should expect between  $400 and  $5,000 depending on the type of spa (inflatable or kit), its size and the options available to your spa.

Note that in case of difficulty when setting up your spa, you can always call on a professional. The latter will help you during installation and may recommend ground reinforcement for maximum stability, as a portable spa weighs several tons when filled with water.

The different types of classic above-ground spas

Portable spas come in different types. First, there are inflatable spas, usually in synthetic materials, and portable kit spas, which can be made of wood. There are also different sizes of portable spas:

  1. The portable 2-seater spa with a size of about 150 X 150 cm
  2. The portable 4-seater spa with a size of approximately
  3. The portable 6/8-seater spa with a size of about 200 X 200 cm

Finally, you will find portable spas in different shapes: square, round, rectangular or octagonal spas.

The advantages of a portable spa

The portable spa has undeniable advantages, and it is the most widespread among the French people:

  1. A ground-based spa can be installed indoors or outdoors, as long as you can move it as you wish and according to the weather, seasons and mood.
  2. It has an attractive price, which allows anyone to purchase it and enjoy the benefits of a home spa.
  3. The portable spa can be assembled and installed by yourself, quickly and without any work: a simple electrical connection and a water supply are all that is required
  4. You will inevitably find a portable spa that suits you, because there are some in all sizes, shapes and styles
  5. The fact that it is simply placed increases safety for young children, since the edges prevent them from crossing the pool.

The weak points of the portable spa

Note that inflatable spas are the ones with the shortest life span, and that by definition, the more you change your spa location, the faster it will be damaged.

Although it is appreciated and widespread, it is important to be aware of the few weaknesses of the portable spa:

  1. It remains less aesthetic than a built-in spa and integrates a little less well into its environment because it is simply installed and its edges are visible
  2. The capacity of portable spas is limited to 6/8 places, you will not be able to have a swimming spa, for example
  3. Although you have a choice between a synthetic or wooden spa, the choice of materials is limited and you will not be able to customize your portable spa as you wish. For example, you will not be able to choose a more original material such as concrete, stone or mosaic.
  4. Its life span is shorter than that of a built-in spa, as it is damaged more quickly and is not designed to last forever. 
  5. It will not bring any additional value to your home at the time of resale, unlike a built-in spa.

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