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Pregnancy massage therapy

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pregnancy massage therapy

Massage during pregnancy is beneficial to fight against the physical and emotional troubles occurring during pregnancy. A true source of relaxation, it offers the future mother a way to live serenely with her pregnancy while helping her prepare for her delivery.

The period of pregnancy is characterized by physical and emotional changes in the expectant mother. In addition to increasing weight, the change in hormone levels causes certain problems such as migraines, muscle tension or contraction problems.

It provides dynamism and well-being.

Principles of pregnancy massage therapy

Massage during pregnancy has been specially designed to meet the needs of the woman during her pregnancy. It relieves the body by providing the body with the means to cope with physical, hormonal and emotional upheavals due to pregnancy.

This massage should only be practiced by professionals such as midwives, obstetricians or previously trained nurses or massage therapists.

It relaxes the future mother physically and psychologically and can be used to facilitate childbirth.

It is especially indicated after the stabilization of the foetus, that is to say beyond three months of pregnancy. Before that, it is better to deprive oneself of it, because the physical, hormonal and emotional changes of the woman are still important. To be massaged during this period can then accentuate these upheavals and alter the fixation of the foetus. After this stage, the massage brings not only benefits for the future mother and, of course, for the foetus.

Unlike other types of massage, prenatal massage is gentle; during the application, the practitioner must especially avoid causing pain. To get there, it is best to ask the patient the intensity of the pressure she endles during the massage.

In practice

Good to know: the use of certain essential oils is prohibited during this period.

Pregnancy massage therapy is practiced in specialized spas. Depending on the physical tolerance of the patient, the application can last from ten minutes to one hour.

During the second quarter of pregnancy, the session is weekly, and the frequency of this one doubles or even triple during the last trimester of the pregnancy. These sessions two to three times a week will effectively eliminate some pregnancy-related problems such as sciatica or heavy aching legs.

To relax the patient, the massage requires a place for relaxation. For this, the massage room must be safe from noise such as cars. This does not, however, prevent the spread of relaxing music to create a soothing atmosphere.

At the level of products, neutral lotions devoid of perfumes are recommended. Indeed, certain odors are unbearable during pregnancy, and the scent of certain products may cause nausea or even vomiting.


Relaxing touch during pregnancy massage therapy helps to relax the patient physically, emotionally and psychologically. It helps the future mother to eliminate sleep disorders such as insomnia, as well as to reduce or even eliminate nausea and migraines.

Pregnancy massage therapy also strengthens the muscles and joints to support the extra weight of the baby while healing muscle and joint pains. It is also a good way to prepare the muscles for childbirth.

In addition, this type of massage helps the patient to adopt a more appropriate posture, which relieves sciatica, heavy aching leg phenomena and cramps. Finally, it eliminates the swelling of the limbs (hands and feet).


Despite its different therapeutic benefits, pregnancy massage therapy has contraindications, including:

  1. in case of blood or water loss
  2. when the patient is prone to vomiting
  3. when the patient has certain conditions such as hypertension or diabetes
  4. for a cardiac person
  5. in case of contagious disease that may affect other patients
  6. for any sick state.

On the other hand, massage during pregnancy is proscribed when the skin surface of the area to be treated is damaged: open wound, skin rash, bruising, inflammation and swelling, skin infection, varicose vein.

Finally, the massage during pregnancy should not be performed on a part of the body located between the heel and the ankle.

According to experts in reflexology, this area has a direct connection with the uterus and vagina. Applying a deep massage may trigger premature delivery.

Where to receive this massage in France?

Ouistreham and Antibes

This programm for mothers and babies aims at physical and psychological recovery related to pregnancy and childbirth. She assists women in restoring their fitness and energy and enjoying special memories with their babies. This treatment is recommended for babies between the 3rd and 9th month of age. 

6-day Thalasso cure in Ouistreham

3-day breaks: relaxing and letting go in a thalasso in Antibes


In the heart of Paris, between Place Vendôme and the Jardin des Tuileries, the Spa Six Senses at Hôtel The Westin Paris-Vendôme has been designed as a real bio-bubble, ideal for taking care of yourself in the shelter of the Parisian rust. In a relaxing environment, the spa team has created a unique treatment dedicated to moms-to-be, in search of well-being and cocooning.

Spa Six Senses has decided to pamper these future mothers by offering them a treatment adapted to their needs. They can discover a Swedish massage whose objective is to relieve pregnancy-related ailments: back pain, heavy legs, fatigue... Made from an organic and edible vegetable oil, the protocol includes back and groin stretches and a drainage massage to facilitate the elimination of water. All lying on your back or side, depending on your comfort.

Mum-to-be care

Would you like to learn this massage in France?

Let us kown about it! And let us if you prefer to learn massage in Paris or in Strasbourg, Alsace!

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