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Premier massage chair

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Like the massage cushion, premier massage chair is an ideal relaxation device for use at home or on the move.

Apart from the massage table, massage devices such as the massage cushion, massage chair and massage mattresses are often excellent massage tools to be purchased absolutely for a moment of relaxation and well-being in your home.

premier massage chair

The massage recliner appeared in Japan several decades ago. It has many advantages and offers similar benefits to the manual massage of a professional therapist.

The massage recliner is a classic relaxation chair, but with an additional function: it has a mechanism integrated in its backrest that makes it an excellent complement to the massages that a therapist would do...

Other functions of the recliner include: the recliner, the heated recliner, the swivel recliner or the integrated or independent footrest.

Premier massage chair mechanism

Massage chairs differ from ordinary chairs in their massaging and relaxing functions. It is the massage device that you should buy for a wellness session at home. It is sold in specialized shops and via online sales sites.

The operating principle of a massage chair is based on the controlled vibrations of several air cushions in order to reproduce movements similar to those provided by a real masseur: percussion, kneading, friction, effleurage...

Massage recliner: high technology

The relaxing massage chair is equipped, in the chair or on the surface, with an electrical device that gives the illusion to the person sitting in the chair that he or she is being massaged by a professional....

This device is made up of:

  1. one or more motors
  2. of massage rollers

All the parameters can be precisely adjusted...

The engines of this relaxation chair

The choice of the number of engines for your massage recliner will depend on the range and functions offered (back or legs only, speed adjustment, etc.).

It is the same engine that performs the massages: kneading, percussion, rolling...

Number of engines

It is best to choose a relaxing massage chair with several engines: thanks to this, the chair can implement several massage functions at the same time for therapeutic results.

Engine quality

Depending on the design you choose, the engines do not have the same efficiency:

  1. some simply vibrate (very light massage)
  2. others allow a real customized massage thanks to a more complex device

Massage chair, massage seat or massage office chair?

Massage chairs are a device whose purchase is not within everyone's reach. To save your budget, you can buy a massage seat for a quarter of the price of a massage chair.

A massage seat is a kind of seat cover that you can spread on an ordinary chair. The most recommended is the shiatsu massage chair, but there is also the massage desk chair, recommended to relax sedentary employees.

Premier massage chair: how to make the right choice?

The choice of a massage chair must be based on technical aspects:

  1. The types of existing functions.
  2. The types of massage performed.
  3. Noise emission or silent mode during use (which may reduce the expected effect of massage, which is relaxation).

Choosing the right massage rollers

The most sophisticated massage recliners are equipped with several massage rollers. For most types, there are 4 rollers. There may be more.

Thanks to this, the user can benefit from massages that simulate the techniques of kneading, percussion, stretching, compression or shiatsu. 

For quality massages, prefer rollers:

  1. of significant size
  2. designed in materials that can easily adapt to the body shape
  3. flexible (back, neck, neck...)

It is important to try the massage recliner to choose the one that suits you best.

The settings of the massage recliner

The massage recliner's parameters can be adjusted very precisely to perfectly adapt to the needs of its user:

  1. size adjustment: for a good height of the massage rollers and effective movements on the neck, back and shoulders... .
  2. intensity adjustment (rare, only top of the range): you can also add a removable backrest if the massages remain too strong or an air bag that inflates around the roller system
  3. massage speed adjustment

Some massage recliners also have other functions, such as the heated recliner.

Many benefits of premier massage chair

The premier massage chair is above all a source of well-being and health. Thanks to its various functionalities, it provides you with an improvement in his health while helping him to prevent various ailments and diseases. In addition to its benefits on the body condition of the massaged person, the massage chair also has the advantage of helping to reduce the emotional state by relieving stress and promoting a positive mind-set.

In practice, the rollers apply more or less strong pressures along the back, in the neck and neck.

The technology of the relaxing massage chair provides many benefits to users....

This allows you to relax completely: after a massage session, all muscles and knots relax.

The principle of the massage recliner is to:

  1.  activate blood circulation
  2. eliminate toxins from the muscles
  3. increase the level of oxygen in the blood.

Physical benefits

The relaxing massage chair allows you to:

  1. improve blood circulation
  2. improve lymphatic flow
  3. prevent numbness and stiffness (back, neck, shoulders, legs, etc.)
  4. promote good breathing
  5. balance the oxygen in the body
  6. evacuate physical signs of stress (pain, sleep disorders)
  7. eliminate muscle tension
  8. relax and soften muscles
  9. maintain good posture
  10. firm and tonify the skin
  11. release toxins
  12. obtain regular movement causing a draining effect
  13. relieve and invigorate muscles and soothe the whole body
  14. promote healing of fractures
  15. reduce cramps and spasms of the digestive system
  16. strengthen the immune system

This helps to relieve painful areas such as the neck, neck or back (especially in cases of obesity).

Some massage recliners have an option called "zero gravity": a perfect position in which the body feels no tension and which relieves the back (reducing pressure on the discs, relaxing the back muscles).

Psychological benefits

The relaxing massage chair contributes to:

  1. removal of emotional and mental tension
  2. relaxation of the mind
  3. emotional disorder prevention
  4. reduction and evacuation of stress and anxiety
  5. stimulation of mental alertness and sense of well-being through the secretion of endorphins in the brain

Having a relaxing massage chair at home is an opportunity to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Price of a premier massage chair: around 2 000 $

The first prices for a relaxing massage chair are around 600 $ and can reach 6,000 $.

The most expensive chairs are of course the best outfitted: several engines, wide and flexible rollers, heating, quality upholstery and other functions or options.

Beware of cheaper and very low-quality Chinese models. No after-sales service for these recliners.

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