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Relaxation massage

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Relaxation massage is a real source of relaxation by:

  1. removing your muscle knots
  2. optimizing your blood and lymphatic circulation
  3. eliminates your stress and anxiety
relaxation massage

The rapid evolution of current life, various psychological disorders such as stress and nervousness appear.

Without a real moment of relaxation, it is impossible to put an end to these discomforts. In addition to therapeutic massage, relaxation massages are an effective alternative to stress relief by providing you with a sense of relaxation.

Principles of relaxation massage

Relaxation massages offer you a real moment of well-being.

To allow the body to relax, relaxation massages work on everything that leads to the human being. 

On the physical level, it:

  1. unties knots, muscle and joint tension
  2. eliminate the toxins that cause depression

Once the tensions have been relieved, the body relaxes, muscles and joints recover their suppleness. This action is directly reflected in the brain, since the evacuation of toxins optimizes oxygenation.

In practice

For optimal results, relaxation massages should be performed in the morning before going to work or in the evening. During these periods, the body is quite willing to benefit from the benefits of relaxation movements performed.

  1. Practiced when you wake up, it helps you prepare for hard work during the day.
  2. Applied after work, it relieves nervousness and stress.

Relaxation massages last approximately 30 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on your stress level.

Only a specialist can decide how long the treatment will last after checking your physical condition. In order not to be more stressed, you can choose clothes in which you feel comfortable. The massage room, on the other hand, must provide comfort and safety.


Relaxation massages have many benefits:

  1. it mainly affects stress, depression and other signs of nervousness
  2. it regularizes blood pressure
  3. soothes some cardiovascular disorders
  4. relieves serious respiratory problems such as asthma
  5. it optimizes your intellectual abilities by eliminating stress
  6. reduces or eliminates disorders related to depression
  7. it is also an effective remedy against insomnia

Migraine and relaxation

In addition to the medications used for crisis treatment or disease-modifying treatment, all natural methods that help to relax during the attack can help to reduce pain. They also help to better manage stress and thus reduce the frequency of crises.

Other techniques that help to relax are:

  1. acupuncture
  2. herbal medicine
  3. homeopathy
  4. biofeedback

In children, relaxation is the basic treatment recommended by children's doctors.

How to relax to avoid migraine?

Several methods exist, none of which are superior to the other. The important thing is to find what is best for you:

  1. yoga and relaxation
  2. meditation
  3. breathing exercises, sophrology
  4. rest in a dark and quiet room
  5. cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy: it is a psychotherapy treatment that allows you to fight your anxiety, face your fears and emotions in a few sessions
  6. relaxation in children

Massages and migraines

Massages are also effective for relaxation:

  1. massaging the skullneck or shoulders
  2. finding effective pressure points (temples, back of the skull, area between thumb and index finger...) can help to overcoming the crisis

Physiotherapy sessions may sometimes be indicated, especially in stressed migraine sufferers or those suffering from tension headaches (headaches most often due to stress and distinct from migraine). The physiotherapist can perform massages of the neck, shoulders and back, which are very effective in relaxing the muscles that remain contracted after a seizure.

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