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Relief for back pain

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Want a relief for back pain? Back pain is a very common disorder. 8 out of 10 people have had or will have a back pain at some point in their lives. It affects everyone at any age! Back pain can be very disabling, so it is important to relieve pain and prevent it from reappearing.

relief for back pain

In this article I will help you, with complete independence and simple words, to better understand in order to choose well....

Relief for back pain, the essentials on one page

Back pain is a general term that includes different types of pain, with varying localizations and may result from different types of causes. The treatments are therefore different from one back pain to another. I Back pain is eve qualified as "pain of the century" by some specialists.

Different kinds of back pain

Good to know:

"having kidney pain" is a frequently used expression in France, but it does not necessarily mean the same thing as what you think it means. Most of the time, by " having kidney pain " in France is meant, having lower back pain.

Depending on the area of pain in the back, we speak of:

  1. cervical pain (neck pain)
  2. low back pain (acute and chronic lumbar pain)
  3. dorsal pain (mid-back pain)
  4. sacral pain, or gluteus pain
  5. acute lower back pain

In some cases, back pain is associated with pain in one leg, referred to as sciatica.

Causes of back pain

Back pain has many causes! The most common causes of back pain are:

  1. constitutional causes such as pathological damage (disc hernia, scoliosis, etc.) or muscle failure
  2. physiological causes such as pregnancy
  3. external mechanical causes such as a bad position behind a computer screen or a long car journey,

Relief for back pain

The treatment of back pain depends above all on its cause. In most cases, the discomfort will disappear within a few days with rest and analgesic treatment. There are many ways to relieve back pain or prevent its recurrence, such as:

  1. back pain massage
  2. acupuncture
  3. osteopathy
  4. aromatherapy (essential oils)
  5. wearing a lumbar belt
  6. choosing a suitable mattress
  7. exercising to build up your back

Preventing back muscle pain

Once the triggering cause(s) of back pain is known, it is important to take preventive measures to avoid further painful crises. If the cause is unknown, there are exercises and preventive attitudes to be carried out in everyday life to limit the onset of back pain.

Who to visit?

Massage is a solution that combines the useful with the enjoyable!

When back pain is a problem, the family physician is the first health professional to visit. He can recommend specialists: rheumatologist, radiologist, massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath.

When to do back massages?

A back massage is not to be considered in all situations. When the painful area is inflamed (acute painful phase), it is even contraindicated to massage it. This would be more harmful than beneficial, as massage will perpetuate the inflammation.

  1. Wellness massages are nevertheless effective after the period of acute pain or in case of chronic back pain
  2. Stimulating massages such as a French massage or a deep tissue massage are best used outside of painful episodes

Learn to give a shoulder massage that will relieve from upper back muscle pain.

Which massage oils to use?

If you have your massages performed at home, prefer gentle massages, like a swedish massage: they should never hurt! You can also use heating creams to help you relax.

Anti-inflammatory creams or gels, prescribed by your doctor, should be applied by circular strokes.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after application and do not expose the treated area to the sun.

Certain massage oils based on essential oils can also relieve back pain (meadowsweet, white willow, harpagophytum, etc.). Be careful, do not apply pure essential oils to the skin, as they can be very irritating. It is also necessary to protect the treated area from the sun, as most essential oils are photosensitizing.

Back pain help

Ask your questions. I will help you learn more about how your back works.

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