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Sauna benefits

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I saw a sauna for the first time of my live as I was 9 years old. With my parents we went to Norway for vacation in Lillehammer. I remember the Sanitarium. It has a swimming pool, showers, a sauna and a hammam. At list this is what I could remember from back then.

Indeed, the sauna is a ritual originally welfare of Scandinavia. You will stay in a room heated to high temperature for a few moments and then out to enjoy the hot-cold alternation. The action of the heat and the cold makes this particularly healthy ritual for your skin but not only.

sauna benefits

Action of sauna treatment on the body

Upon entering a sauna, body faced a temperature around 80 ° C according to the type of sauna and the power of the used stove. The reaction of the cardiovascular system at this temperature is immediate:

  • dilation of the blood vessels
  • increase in heart rate
  • sweating of the skin
  • pores dilate

The body secret endorphins that help to relax. After 10-15 minutes, you will have to leave the sauna to take a cold bath or shower. The action of cold tightens skin's pores and revitalizes the body. We then alternate up to three times the alternating hot and cold not forgetting to rehydrate between each passage to the sauna. Indeed, it is possible to lose up to one liter of water during a sauna session. Unlike the hammam, the heat of the sauna is dry and felt more intensely. I advise you to start the session of sauna on the banks of the lower to get used to the temperature.

Sauna benefits

Sauna benefits action of heat provide benefits for the body:

  • relaxing action of the sauna: A sauna session is very effective to fight against stress and tension. Under the action of heat, the body releases endorphins for sleep and relaxation. Practiced just before bedtime, sauna helps sleep better.
  • purifying action of the sauna: dry heat of the sauna causes a strong sweating and dilation of the pores of the skin. This sweat will help to eliminate the toxins accumulated by your body. 
  • muscular and cardiovascular sauna action: dilating blood vessels, sauna helps the cardiovascular system to function properly. It also helps to maintain blood pressure at a low level. Finally, the increase in the speed of blood flow in the sauna allows to quickly relieve muscle pain and other aches.
  • improvement of the immune system by the sauna: sauna puts the body in a state of artificial fever through heat. Artificial fever stimulates the immune system and a generation of white blood cells and antibodies to fight disease. Practiced regularly, the sauna would even protect themselves from flu epidemics.
  • Skin's beauty: dilating pores, sauna helps the skin to evacuate its toxins. But it also softens the skin and improves its elasticity. Cold shower allows you to tighten the pores of the skin improving its appearance. 

Contrary to what you may think, regular practice of the sauna does not help to lose weight. This sensation is due to the strong body water loss caused by perspiration. Nevertheless, for all its benefits, sauna is ideal to support weight loss.

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