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Shiatsu massage therapy


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Shiatsu massage therapy is a therapeutic technique linked to traditional Japanese medicine, which consists of press-ions exerted with the fingers at the reflex points of the body. Its effectiveness has enabled it to be one of the therapeutic methods officially recognized in the land of the rising sun; in Europe, shiatsu massage is one of the most popular massage techniques.

shiatsu massage therapyShiatsu massage therapy is a source of peacefullness, vitality, dynamism and health.


Shiatsu massage is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. Originally designed to treat all problems of body dysfunction through pressure at acupuncture points, the method was then adapted by the Japanese, hence its name, which literally means "pressure with the fingers".


Like all Asian massages, shiatsu is based on the principle of the energy flows that govern the body. Its objective is to eliminate blockages in order to release energy and allow the body to regain stability and health.

Japanese shiatsu massage is a variation of Chinese acupuncture, but does not use needles. During a session, the massage therapist carries out more or less intense pressures on the points to be treated. Their intensity varies according to the problem to be treated, the application can be painful in some cases.

Shiatsu massage therapy routine

The session is performed on a fully dressed patient. The latter is lying on a massage mat, then the practitioner applies pressure to a series of points designed to act on failing organs or muscle nodes. The session often ends with a moment of rest.

Despite its literal translation meaning "pressure with the fingers", the mass-sur can mobilize other parts of his body. Depending on the degree of blockage, he may apply pressure with his fists, elbows, or even his knees. No massage oil is necessary, and a session lasts about an hour.


In addition, shiatsu massage therapy has a large number of benefits. The pressures on the reflex points allow him to act on most of your physical and psychological disorders . It is generally used in therapeutic massage, that is does not, however, exclude its application for a relaxation or wellness massage. Shiatsu massage therapy is especially recommended for:

  1. restore the body's natural defense system
  2. revitalize the body
  3. eliminate tensions and stress
  4. promote muscle flexibility
  5. relieve muscle and joint pain
  6. optimize lymphatic flow
  7. calm the client while increasing his concentration
  8. rebalance the body and mind
  9. cure abdominal pain
  10. make painful periods disappear
  11. avoid constipation

On the other hand, if you are healthy, shiatsu carries practically no serious risks. However, it can harm the body's proper functioning in the event of open lesions, inflammation, potentially contagious skin infections, bleeding, ulcers, severe malformations, fever, acute heart problems.

I don't recommend you this massage if you have asthma, bone frailty or after surgery.

Where to enjoy a good shiatsu massage in France?


Suisen offers you exclusive treatments, inspired by shiatsu, which are the result of several years of research and development. All these services treat the body as a whole. They use manual, traditional skills, designed to provide you with well-being and health benefits. Deep breathing plays a key role in the house's protocols, it is sometimes guided to allow you to untie your tensions and achieve total relaxation. Each treatment is personalized according to your needs and desires of the moment, and adapted to seasonality. It is followed by a moment for yourself, over a cup of one of the house's organic green teas. All treatments are available in a solo or duo cabin.

Wan harmony traditional shiatsu

This treatment takes place on tatami and futon, dressed in a Jinbeï outfit, a large traditional Japanese dress. You will receive rhythmic pressure, percussion, stretching, effleurages on the whole body. This traditional massage:

  • stimulates your circulation and your immune system.
  • allows you a deep physical, psychological and emotional relaxation
  • your body will regain its unity, in accordance with the season

Jaku, peaceful shiatsu with aromatic oil

This is an aromatic oil massage of the whole body, on a massage table, designed to untie your tension points thanks to targeted pressure and techniques. All oils used are organic and first cold pressed.

Through touch and smell, this treatment provides you with deep relaxation and soothes all your muscular tensions.

Would you like to learn this massage in France?

Let us kown about it! And let us if you prefer to learn massage in Paris or in Strasbourg, Alsace!

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