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Thalassotherapy spa-massage

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In thalassotherapy, spa-massage allows you to relieve joint pain, but also to relax.


A thalassotherapy is intended to:

  1. heal
  2. relieve
  3. rest the body

The treatments provided are natural and offer a real moment of relaxation. Seaside spas also offer a relaxing environment.

Hydrotherapy treatments are based on:

  1. water
  2. seafood products such as seaweed or marine mud

Treatments are both curative and preventive.

But many people who take a spa break decide to follow a short stay cure for its relaxing benefits.

Thalassotherapy is a set of treatments in a thalassotherapy spa, which is an environment conducive to relaxation and well-being. The benefits of a thalasso cure are many, both on the body and on the mind.

Thalasso spa treatments are numerous: 

  1. balneotherapy
  2. hydromassage
  3. algotherapy
  4. marine mud
  5. spa-massage
  6. pressotherapy
  7. aquagym
  8. swimming pool
  9. dietetics
  10. face and body treatments

Pollution, everyday problems, fatigue and external aggression constantly affect our organism. However, body balance, muscle fibre relaxation, rest, relief of various physical pains and psychological traumas are the keys to our vitality and good health.

Spa-massage is a gentle and natural alternative to: 

  1. help you recharge your energy
  2. find new harmony between body and mind
  3. treat various common ailments

What is a thalasso spa-massage?

A spa-massage is a technique that uses the hands as tools to perform various movements on different parts of the body and face. As the patient, you lie on your stomach or back depending on the area to be massaged. Hand movements warm, relax and relieve tension in muscles and joints. The massage can last from 30 minutes to 1h30.

A thalasso is the ideal time to take care of your body and mind. Its benefits come from seawater rich in trace elements, seaweed and marine mud, rich in vitamins and amino acids. Marine air also contributes to the well-being of the person undergoing treatment, especially for people with respiratory tract problems.

Be careful, however, because even if thalassotherapy generally does everyone good, there are still some contraindications, and it is always useful to talk to your doctor about them.

To extend the benefits of a thalasso after a cure, multiple products are provided by health spas and can be applied at home. 

It is also possible to purchase hydrotherapy equipment at home:

  1. whirlpool bath tub
  2. shower-balneo
  3. hydromassage
  4. footbath
  5. jacuzzi spa

These facilities provide you with relaxing massages at home.

In addition, before leaving to relax in a thalasso, I recommend you to train yourself in the treatments you want to follow in order to be able to choose the ideal spa for your stay. To be fully beneficial, it must last about a week, it is then a thalasso stay. But thalasso spas also offer weekends or longer stays.

Moreover, it is important not to neglect the homecoming and to continue to apply the advice learned in the cure to extend the benefits of this stay.

Different massages

The best massage is the most effective method to meet the real needs of the person being massaged.

Nevertheless, all massages generally have therapeutic properties and have quite similar benefits.

In thalassotherapy, therapeutic massages are performed by a massage therapist. Some massages, which are more like a wellness massage, are performed by professionals specially trained for these techniques.

The most common massages in thalassotherapy treatments are:

  1. Relaxation massage: body massage to release tension,
  2. Affusion massage: the massage is performed under a fine rain of sea water,
  3. Drainage massage: massage consisting of small pressures on the body or face to improve blood circulation.

Other relaxation massages, usually offered in beauty clinics, are offered to people wishing to relax (Swedish, Californian massages) or to discover new massage techniques such as hot stone massage.

The benefits of spa-massage

In France, it is necessary to distinguish between wellness massage and therapeutic massage. These two types of massages help to relax the muscles, promote blood circulation and relax in general.

However, therapeutic massages are performed by a physiotherapist who can, depending on your joint pain or health concerns, manipulate your body according to precise and dangerous techniques if poorly performed.

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