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Spa massages are a gentle and natural alternative to help you revitalize, find a new harmony between body and mind and treat the different common affections.

Pollution, everyday problems, fatigue and external aggressions constantly affect your body.

Body balance, muscle relaxation, massage, relief of various physical pains and psychological trauma are all part of your vitality and good health.

If you want to get a spa therapy massage, discover all the information you need to do the right thing.

Choose and decide for the massage that will meet your needs.

Relaxing spa massages

relaxing massage

A relaxing massage is essential. The objective is to provide physical and psychological relaxation. This massage is done with essential oils for their relaxing properties. Pressure movements throughout the body are very gentle and allow muscles and joints to relax. This spa massage therapy reduces tension, stress, depression and allows a more restful stay.

French massage

french massage

French massage is made up of three identical massages that are a kind of gradual approach to the person's intimacy.

In the very expression of this massage, for example, one can interrupt or extend the session at any time, depending on the idea that this return to the source belongs to the person being massaged.

No time restrictions, the money should lead the practitioner to cut this trip. 

Mauritian massage

mauritian massage

Soothing and revitalizing at the same time, mauritian massage is performed with bamboo stems. The variety of bamboo used varies according to the desired effect. This health spa massage therapy will stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. This is why Mauritian spa massages are recommended in case of heavy legs, swollen ankles or varicose veins. Toxins from the body are eliminated. You will regain muscle elasticity and skin flexibility.

Foot massage

what is reflexology massage

Foot massage consists in stimulating reflex points located on the soles of the feet. Strong and precise pressure is applied to the endings connected to an internal organ of the body. This technique would heal a wide range of ailments: gastric, intestinal, respiratory, biliary, renal and gynaecological. Foot spa massages stimulate blood circulation, release toxins, reduce stress, comfort the mind, activate the lymphatic system, relax muscles, etc.

Four-hand massage

four hands massage

The whole body is massaged simultaneously by two practitioners in harmony in their movements. It is essential that the pressures are equivalent. If the feeling of relaxation is increased, the therapeutic effects are not duplicated. They remain the same as for a classic massage. The difference will be observed in the context of a weight loss program. With more movements, cellulite is eliminated more quickly.

Californian massage

californien massage

Californian massage was born in San Francisco in the 1970s in therapy groups that prioritized the development of human potential, the expression of feelings and body-mind connections. Spa massage therapy was practiced during therapeutic work. It is intended to relax and awaken a psycho-corporal consciousness. The practitioner uses scented oils with relaxing properties. He makes long, slow, fluid movements that intensify.

Ayurvedic massage

ayurvedic massage

A massage with multiple benefits, it has been practiced by Indians for millennia. It is based on the balance between air (called "vata", which means hormones and nerves), water ("kapha", which is liquid in the body) and fire ( "pitta", digestive organs and enzymes), to provide well-being of body and mind. I recommend this massage for nervous and stressed people. The spa practitioner uses sesame oil heated to body temperature.

Hawaian massage

hawaian massage

Also known as "lomi-lomi", it originates from a theory: pain and anxiety come from poor circulation of energy (referred to as "Mana"). The purpose of this health spa massage therapy is to undo the knots that prevent the flow of energy from circulating. It is recommended for people suffering from heart disease, digestive problems and respiratory disorders. A balance between the body / mind ratio, inside / outside, is found.

Pregnancy massage therapy

pregnancy massage therapy

Prenatal spa massage, performed according to specific protocols, will help the future mother to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, relax her muscles, soften her joints, repair her sleep disorders. The patient will enjoy a real moment of relaxation. Neutral or organic oils and creams are used. There are however many restrictions, so be sure to ask the advise of a doctor beforehand.

Affusion massage

affusion massage

It is performed in the shower, releasing a fine warm rain of seawater. The affusion massage technique combines the benefits of massage and hydrotherapy, as well as the benefits of seawater. Blood circulation is stimulated, skin regains softness and tonicity, while the body detoxifies and recharges itself with minerals and trace elements. The immune system is strengthened. This massage can be done with two or four hands.

Weight loss massage

lose quickly weight

Massages can help you lose weight. The spa practionner attacks targeted parts of the body where the fat is. The massage is practiced vigorously. The goal is to destructure the fat cells, to accelerate the melting. This is the method of palper-rouler. It is followed by lymphatic drainage performed with gentle pressure, this time. Of course, this massage will only really be effective if it is accompanied by a suitable lifestyle.

Spa and massage products

Spa therapy massage can be accompanied or not by a massage product (massage oils, candle, clay and hot stones).

In addition, the use of devices is frequent for a massage at home or in addition to a massage provided by a professional. Table, table cushion, armchair, mattress and massager cushion are the most popular massage devices.

Choose your spa practitioner

Several criteria make it possible to choose a good spa practitioner and to identify the best massage corresponding to your expectations. The choice of the place, such as the massage spa, at home or in the company, also makes it possible to be guided by the needs of everyone.

The periodicity of the massages as well as the choice of the professional will also be dictated by your budget.

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