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Therapeutic power of water in spa water treatment

spa water treatment

Therapeutic power of water by swimming is one of the ways to take advantage of the healing of water power, since this sport is known as being the best sport.

 Let me tell why I love to swim. When I swim:

  1. my blood circulation is reactivated
  2. my muscles are stressed
  3. I improve my breathing

In addition, my body is lighter in water, allowing multiple pain to disappear. Spa water treatment is excellent to fight obesity, circulatory and cardiovascular diseases as well.

I use spa water treatment to relax and combat stress, anxiety and depression. To benefit from the therapeutic power of water on these psychological disorders, I like to take a bath, when you feel the need. Warm water of the bath will have the power to relax my muscles and relax me permanently.

Each morning, I will take a hot drink. Drinking hot water brings many benefits. 

You may not know the power of hot water to drink, and yet it is a great remedy for many ailments:

  1. drinking hot water helps to eliminate toxins and results better digestion drink 
  2. hot water also lets you fight against constipation 
  3. if you suffer from headaches or painful menstruation, drinking hot water allows you to soothe these pains 
  4. drinking hot water fasting increases the metabolism, and hot water can therefore help combat obesity 
  5. it improves blood circulation and helps you so to fight against the heavy aching legs, high blood pressure, or stroke 
  6. drinking hot water allows you to more easily eliminate toxins, to repair the skin cells and fight against premature aging of the skin

Do you know that your body consists of 75% water, which is the main element that the body needs water?

I daily drink water in large quantities, namely between 1.5 L and 2 L. This helps my body to function optimally. Note also that the therapeutic power of water is such that if you are usually suffering from cystitis, you need not necessarily have use of antibiotics: you just drink between 1.5 L and 2 L of water at the first sign of appearance to cure cystitis.

Benefits of hot springs

Benefits of naturally heated by geothermal sources of hot water, hot springs are so loaded in minerals and trace elements, they are at the base of many spa water treatments in thermalism institutes and thalassotherapy centers. But what exactly are therapeutic benefits of hot water?

In a hot water source, water coming out of the ground is naturally heated by what we call a 'boiler geothermal "; This means that the heat of the water comes from the Earth. This is particularly the case in the volcanic regions (where water is in direct contact with the rock at very high temperatures, the magma), but not only. Indeed, more a source of water is deep, it will be in contact with the hot rock in the Earth's crust, and more its temperature will be high. In General, it refers to by the term "hot spring" a hot spring whose temperature exceeds the 36.7 ° C.

In France, hot springs are many, whether it's sources are savage (in nature, where the swims are not framed), or from thermal sources.

Benefits and medicinal properties of the hot springs

Hot water sources are so renowned in the field of health, so that they are the basis of many spa water treatments (baths indoor or outdoor, underwater massages, Steam bathsJacuzzis, etc) in hydrotherapy centers, is that they have largely proven benefits. Benefits that come from their rich in minerals. Indeed, even if spa waters composition varies depending on their location, these warm waters have all in common to be particularly loaded in calcium, magnesium, lithium, chlorine, sulphates...This wealth in minerals, combined with high temperature of water gives the hot springs of many therapeutic virtues.

Thus: In internal processing, they are used to treat skin diseases and improve wound healing in outpatient treatment, they are used to relieve arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory, renal, or even liver without conditions forget, of course, the relaxing side inherent in any hot spa water treatment bath!

The benefits of warm waters

Hot spa water treatment bath

The bath of hot water used in many areas affecting the well-being (Thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, spa and steam rooms among others), hot spa water treatment bath helps to relax body and mind. Hot water opens the pores of the skin: you will feel a sensation of cleanliness almost immediately when the pores of the skin open. The skin is softer!

Warm water has a vasodilator effect on your body that increases blood flow, and heart rate. Blood vessels are broader under the effect of heat, so the blood pressure drops and the heart is more in demand.

Hot spa water treatment bath is recommended in the spa water treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure. In a bath of hot water, you have the feeling of being weightless and the muscles of the body relax: it's Archimedes who says. Your body immersed in water (particularly) loses 80% of its apparent weight, allowing you to gently work the muscles and joints. The relaxation of the body in hot water also facilitates the coming of sleep.

Hot water: the case of Ayurveda

Drinking hot water may seem crazy but it would be very beneficial for the body according to Ayurvedic medicine. Drinking hot water has multiple benefits, provided you stick to this diet over the long term, or even adopt it permanently on a daily basis.

  1. Elimination of toxins: the heat of the water activates the metabolism and promotes the evacuation of acids and toxins. It dissolves the impurities and then eliminates them.
  2. Cleaning of the gastrointestinal system: the stomach purifies itself thanks to hot water and prepares to assimilate food. Digestion is facilitated. It is not recommended to drink water (especially stiff water) during meals because the water overloads the stomach. It is better to drink a glass of hot water before or after a meal.
  3. Stimulation and strengthening of the immune system: hot water is very easily diffused in the body. The body is thus rehydrated, the liver and kidneys are drained and the immune system

For visible results, I recommend you to drink a glass of hot water at least 3 times during the day and to carry out a long cure:

  • Morning on an empty stomach
  • About 30 minutes before or after meals
  • Before going to bed

The benefits of cold water

In the morning, most of us swear by the hot shower to wake up. Well in reality, to be in shape, it would be necessary to opt for a good cold shower !

Cold water: many health benefits for the body

Although cold showers may seem violent to our bodies and bodies, they actually have many benefits. Indeed:

  1. It boosts the immune system, which activates itself to warm up. IT will activate the production of white blood cells and thus strengthen it.
  2. It instantly dispels fatigue  indeed, nothing better to awaken our body at once and to wake it up than to pass from the heat of the bed to the freshness of a cold shower !
  3. It stimulates blood circulation, thus allowing nutrients present in the blood to be correctly transported towards all the organs which need it.
  4. It has a detoxifying effect. Because it has a diuretic effect and decongests the organs, cold shower makes it easier for our body to get rid of toxins and waste that clog it and prevent it from functioning optimally.
  5. It protects muscles and helps reduce swelling and muscle breakdown after exercise. That's why great athletes take an ice bath after a hard workout...
  6. It relieves depressive states and stress by promoting the production of neurotransmitters and substances in the brain bringing us good mood.

The beauty virtues of the morning cold shower

If cold water pampers our body from the inside, it also has positive effects that can be seen from the outside. In particular, it allows:

  1. Clean skin: in addition to making the skin firmer, less wrinkled and more luminous, cold water allows pores to tighten after dark, which reduces sebum secretion, for less oily and healthier skin.
  2. To have more shiny hair: since it firmly drives a hair scales, cold water makes them shinier than warm water, which it tends to dry them out.
  3. To burn calories: as cold water quickly causes our body temperature to drop, our body will automatically use energy to raise it to around 37°C... by burning calories! Besides activating the blood circulation, cold water also helps to fight cellulite.

How to enjoy the benefits of cold water?

To enjoy the health and beauty benefits of cold water, here are some basic rules to know :

  1. Cold water" means water with a temperature between 0° and 18°C. To get used to it, it is advisable to turn down the shower thermostat a little every day instead of switching from a hot shower to an icy shower!
  2. Exposure to cold water should not be prolonged: 1 to 2 cold showers of 60 seconds per week are sufficient.
  3. For those who feel cold, it is possible to soak only certain areas in cold water, for more targeted baths.
  4. To avoid catching cold, the bathroom must be well heated!

Where to enjoy the benefits of spa water treatment in France?

Peyragudes (Hautes-Pyrénées)

In winter, Balnéa Spa offers a "Musical Bath" under the starry sky. It is part of the International Starry Sky Reserve of the Pic du Midi and thus allows you to enjoy an unforgettable moment. For 10 minutes, lying in the water, you will enjoy a magical show projected onto the vault of the musical bath. From sunset to sunrise, from the milky way to the shooting stars, the entire starry sky of the Pyrenees is now on the program. All this with music and serenity.

Musical bath under the stars

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