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Sports massage therapy

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sports massage therapy

An ideal partner for athlete performance, sport massage provides healthy muscles, a better body and better joint strength.

If you are an athletes, sport massage is essential to prepare your body before physical exertion.

This type of massage helps prevent cramps and tears in muscles and ligaments. In addition, regular massages also ensure you better athletic performance.

Principles of sports massage therapy

Sports massage therapy has been specially designed to meet your needs. Its application before the competitions makes it possible to provide you all the assets to be in total shape. In addition to its preventive use, it appears efficient for rapid recovery of certain muscle problems such as cramps or sprains.

For a better efficiency, it is advisable to receive a sport massage regularly from the training phase. The massage therapist will practice different massage techniques such as:

  1. manual massages (friction, kneading, grinding ...), for the elimination of toxins and the general relaxation of the body
  2. mechanical massage, to make the muscles more flexible and the joints more resistant
  3. lymphatic drainage, for the optimization of blood and lymphatic circulation
  4. IR (infrared) massage machines, which produce heat while performing the massage movements of the manual technique

In practice

Except in case of emergency during a cramp during a competition, sports massage therapy must last at least 20 minutes. Its application must be done in a place favorable to relaxation to provide to the athlete all the benefits of massage. For more efficiency, the best is to achieve it with a massage product for athletes.

In the absence of a professional therapis, you can enjoy this massage using a specialized device.


Sports massage therapy brings different benefits. Its in-depth action helps to provide the patient with a feeling of physical and emotional comfort, while regulating the internal circulation of the body to ensure the nourishment of the blood and lymphatic vessels, even when physical effort is the most intense.

In addition, it increases body temperature and removes all blockages of the energy system. Penetration of infrared ray at the level of the muscles also helps to mobilize the joints. Thus, this massage makes it possible to soften the muscular tissues.

Then, before the training or the competition, sport massage aims to prepare the muscles and joints to avoid injuries and make the athlete quickly operational. It stimulates and heats the muscles to make them more reactive and less rigid.

In case of problems during training, sport massage is effective to remove cramps, eliminate aches and relieves feelings of fatigue. These different benefits make the athlete quickly operational.

Once the session is over, the sports massage still intervenes to promote the recovery by evacuating the toxins which are formed during the physical exertion, and to prevent the appearance of the aches after the efforts: it then relaxes the whole body by removing tensions. Finally, it purifies the blood circulating inside the veins.

Where to receive this massage in France?


Over 5 days, it includes a sports coaching assessment, group classes, Iyashi Dôme sessions, massages and whirlpool baths.

The "I'm getting active" formula


This program is mainly oriented towards dynamic young people and helps them regain a taste for sport. The treatments are customizable and consist in setting up your own therapy. Thalazur will be at your disposal to guide you towards your choice of care and offer you a medical consultation, dietary advice and an individualized sports assessment.

The "sports wake-up" program

Would you like to learn this massage in France?

Let us kown about it! And let us if you prefer to learn massage in Paris or in Strasbourg, Alsace!

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