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Steam bath benefits

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Steam bath benefits: hot steam and exfoliating care

steam bath benefits

The steam room is a well-being ritual particularly recommended for the care of your skin thanks to its warmth. It's my favorite heat treatment. In addition to its natural benefits, the treatments practiced in the hammam extend the action of the steam and allow you to leave with a healthy skin.

The action of hot steam on the skin

The hammam is made up of several rooms more or less hot and filled with steam. The humidity of the air can reach 100%. A hammam session consists of alternating the different rooms by staying a few minutes in the warmest room before returning to the temperate rooms or taking a fresh shower.

This treatment purifies and cleanses the skin. Indeed, under the action of heat, the pores of the skin dilate and release accumulated toxins. Dirt and bacteria are removed by perspiration. 

A fresh shower between two hammam sessions tightens the pores of your skin, making it more beautiful and firmer.

For an even more beautiful skin

Whether you go to a public hammam or enjoy your own hammam at home, I strongly recommend that you complete your hammam session with specific treatments for even greater well-being.

A few accessories are enough to perform the basic treatments. You can easily purchase them on the Internet or in a spa shop.

First of all, you can make or have made a hammam scrub with black soap: this typical treatment is the basis to enjoy the maximum benefits of the steam bath. To do this, simply coat the body with black soap and let it work for about 10 minutes in the steam bath. Then rinse yourself before rubbing your body with a kessa or loofah scrub glove. Nothing is more effective than to get rid of the last impurities and restore soft skin.

You can go on with another traditional hammam treatment, the rhassoul mask. Rhassoul or ghassoul is a clay originating from Morocco used to purify the skin in depth. Moisten the clay and apply a thin layer to your face. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Your skin will be completely purified and rebalanced. Ghassoul helps to regulate sebum production. It is therefore an ideal treatment for oily skin.

For dry skin, you can then apply a moisturizing treatment with one of my favorite oils: argan oil.

The whole traditional care of the hammam, combined with the effects of hot steam, provides benefits for your skin. In addition to these physical benefits, steam bath skin care provides unparalleled relaxation to fight stress.

How to get the most from steam bath benefits

1. Black soap

In the steam room, scrubbing is one of the basic body treatments.

After having spent in the shower, you coat your body with black soap before going to enjoy the different rooms of the hammam or your steam bath at home.

Benefits of black soap

Black soap is a natural preparation based on olive oil, potassium and macerated black olives. It is used during the steam bath session.

It is an excellent exfoliant:

  1. cleanses the skin thoroughly
  2. eliminates toxins evacuated through the pores of the skin under the effect of steam from the hammam
  3. helps to eliminate dead skin
  4. makes the skin soft and smooth

2. Scrub: traditional from the hammam

At the end of the session, rince with warm water.

The time has come to proceed with the scrub: performed by a professional or.... by yourself.

Using a Kessa (granular) glove, vigorously rub all parts of the body to remove all dead skin. These fall into small black vermicelli.

The skin is smooth and soft. We can then move on to rhassoul treatment.

3. Rhassoul: excellent for the skin

Rhassoul is a Moroccan clay that contains excellent skin properties:

  1. cleanses the skin thoroughly
  2. can be used as a shampoo or soap

It is used as a skin cleanser because it regulates sebum, the fatty secretion produced by the sebaceous glands that causes oily skin, pimples and other impurities on the skin.

Even more steam bath benefits with a massage

For the hammam to be a real moment of well-being and relaxation, think of body care: black soap scrub, rhassoul mask and massages... Nothing is too much!

To fully enjoy steam bath benefits, why not try body care?

At the exit, the skin is smooth, supple and soft...

After the classic black soap scrub, designed to rid the body of dead skin, we recommend rhassoul treatment and then massage by a masseuse or a professional masseur.

Massages in the hammam can last between 20 minutes and 30 minutes: a real moment of relaxation to end your day of treatments.

Where to enjoy steam bath benefits in France?

Hammam Pacha in Paris

The Pasha hammam launches a new specific treatment for elderly women: the Sumptuous Ritual with aloe vera and jojoba.

This treatment gives the skin of mature women a youthful radiance. This new ritual gives mature skin the necessary hydration to face dry skin, an immediate radiance and a boost of rejuvenation to the skin.

Aloe vera is a Mediterranean plant widely used by traditional medicines for its skin care and protection greens. Its moisturizing properties ensure a real youthful effect on the skin 

Jojoba oil, on the other hand, has moisturizing, stimulating and anti-ageing properties. It immediately gives the skin an immediate boost of youth.

Hammam Pacha in Paris

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