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Swedish massage therapy


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Swedish massage therapy is the fastest way to relieve aches, pain and relieve stress and muscle tension. It is a practice designed to promote the symbiosis of mind and body, like certain types of massage such as Californian, Oriental or Thai massages.

swedish massage therapy


Swedish massage technique was developed by Pehr Heinrick Ling (1776-1839), poet, teacher and doctor. It was originally intended to optimize the physical performance of athletes.

Heinrick Ling had assumed that thought had some power over the body. For him, only a healthy mind can create a healthy body.


Swedish massage is a classic therapeutic massage, one of the most popular massages in the world. In France, it is practiced as well as an anti stress wellness massage.

This method is an effective way to relieve muscle tension and stress, especially in the short term. Its basic technique is percussion, and its movements are generally applied to the soft tissues of the body, joints, tendons and muscles.

To understand this massage, it is necessary to understand the notion of aches and pains. Caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, muscle aches and pains muscle appearing 24 or 48 hours after intense physical exertion.

This pain sometimes lasts for a whole week and increases when the muscles are activated.

To stop suffering from this pain, which can be an obstacle to performing daily tasks, a Swedish massage technique is the fastest and most effective solution.

Specific features

Beyond its effectiveness against states of depression, stress or anxiety, Swedish massage is particularly recommended: in the treatment of aches and pains.

Promoting the body's flexibility, the various movements undertaken warm up the muscles and relax them considerably.

At the end of the session, athletes generally experience a significant reduction in the pain associated with intense physical effort.

Swedish massage therapy techniques

Swedish massage therapy is applied according to technical movements that aim to stimulate blood circulation for better oxygenation and elimination of toxins:

  1. Percussion is the basic technique of all massage.
  2. Effleurage is carried out by upward movements towards the heart.
  3. Petrissage is done with fingers and hand pulp.
  4. Friction focuses on trigger points between the neck and shoulder.
  5. Mixing or for some people tapping and vibration are also used.

A Swedish massage session lasts on average one hour. The client wears only a minimum of underwear. He lies down on a massage table and covers himself with a towel on the un-massaged parts.

However, it is also possible to perform this massage in a sitting position and with the client dressed.

The practitioner uses an anti-stress massage oil, lotion or cream to fluidize the movements, and the massage ends with a rest period to relaxation.


The benefits of Swedish massage are both physical and psychological. It relieves chronic and acute back pain and osteoarthritis of the knee, in order to provide tonus, well-being, relaxation and flexibility to the body.

In addition, it facilitates lymph drainage, the elimination of toxins, and thus promotes blood circulation.

Finally, it fights stress, anxiety and depression (massage recommended for post-operative patients, hospital staff...).


Before starting the manipulations, the practitioner will greet and conduct a small interview to ensure that there are no medical contraindications. A discussion that also allows him to target your needs. Naked or in underwear, you start by lying on the table. The mouvements performed at the beginning are designed to warm up the muscles; then, the movements gradually gain in energy and depth. You are invited throughout the session to take a deep breath and relax under the continuous handling of the professional.

Recommendations for action

Massage therapists generally use oils in the practice of Swedish massage. These different solutions relax, moisturize and soften the skin, thus optimizing the effects of the manipulations undertaken.

Note that to fully enjoy its soothing properties, it is advisable to allow yourself a break at the end of the session. For example, a little restorative nap or tea, taken in peace.

Where to enjoy a good Swedish massage in France?

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